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Amazon App Store Apk

Amazon App Store apk is now available for Android devices. The user can download millions of free or paid Android apps via this App Store. You can now download this app for Android devices from the Amazon website. This Christmas season brings you many new exciting presents and hosts a massive app giveaway through its store starting on the 24th of December.

Well if you are an Android user and you thought the Google Play Store was the only app store around, man you were wrong. There are many app stores available, and one of the best in this category is the Amazon App Store. This is a brilliant app store apart from your usual Google Play Store and has a lot of cool features and widgets that can make hunting down apps fun. Although it doesn’t have enough apps like the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store has a lot of users downloading apps from their app store as it is very streamlined and has daily rewards and other such bonuses. So we are going to break down the Amazon App Store for you and tell you all about its attributes. Gadget on!

amazon app store apk

About the Amazon App Store app:

The Amazon App Store was created by Amazon Inc. to allow users to detach themselves from the ever watching eyes of Google and still be able to download apps for their Android devices. But the Amazon App Store comes with many pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of using the Amazon App Store is that it provides the user with one free app a day. So if there is an app you are looking for which doesn’t seem to fit your budget at the moment, keeping your eye on this service can be very useful. And even if you don’t have such an app on your wish list, you can check out the day’s free app and get to know a lot of cool new apps that are in the market! However most of the free apps that are delivered by the Amazon App Store aren’t that useful or great apps, but they also have semi-annual days where many apps are given out for free to users for a certain time limit.

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While the user interface of the Amazon App Store is clearly designed more towards entertainment apps than work related ones, there is no Youtube on the bill. However, you still have the Amazon video app designed exclusively by Amazon. Also if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get subscriptions to a lot of paid video channels, and that is an awesome feature of the Amazon video app. A big con of using the Amazon App Store is the coins that you earn from downloading apps, or if you directly buy them (their values are currency varied), these can not be used to make in-app purchases, where as in Google Play Store the coins can be used to buy anything site wide. However, if you’re planning on spending money, then we suggest you go for the Amazon gift cards, which can be used site wide.

The Amazon App Store app provides you with an in built app viewer which shows all the apps installed from it as well as well as the ones on your Amazon cloud memory. It also shows a list of available updates. This feature allows you to control all your apps from within the Amazon App Store and lets you decide who stays and who goes. Although the Amazon App Store allows you to scan the app for anti-viruses, we suggest you have an anti-virus installed on your system before using its services as you’ll have to allow your device to allow non-trusted operations to run to be able to download and install apps from the Amazon App Store.

Download Amazon App Store Apk

While more and more users are using the Amazon App Store over time, certain companies have started to have it already installed on their devices when you buy them at the factory mode. But if your device isn’t one of them, then here are steps on hoe to download it. The Amazon App Store is not available for iOS users as none of the iOS apps can be found on them, so as of now only Android users can take to this apps store.

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Install Amazon App Store Apk

You can access the Amazon App Store through many Android devices. It just requires little steps to install the apk. This apk is compatible with on and above Android 4.4 version. To install this apk, you have to do some changes in your devices settings. Just open settings> security and open Unknown source, then change it to ‘Allow Unknown Source.’

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  • Go to the Amazon website and find the Amazon App Store download link
  • Click on it to download the apk file to your device
  • Go to your device’s settings and tick the box that allows untrusted operations to run
  • Find the apk file in your downloads memory and click on it to install

App store apk Download

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