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Awesome online presentation tools 2015. prepare your power point slides sites

Presentations are an important part of the lives of people from different walks. Gone are the days of pen and paper reports, assignments, and projects. Nowadays, with the advancement of the Internet the presentation has gathered importance in all circuits from the professional world to the educational. MNCs and corporate enterprises all encourage their employees to present some kind of a presentation to make an idea look better. In schools, colleges, and universities, students are increasingly being pushed towards creating and presenting slideshows in order to present a project. Therefore, the presentation has now created a prominent place in everybody’s life, arguably. Whenever the word presentation has come up, PowerPoint is the first thing that has come to mind but all that has changed due to the introduction of various online presentation tools. These apps or online services are bringing in a lot of change because of the new features that they are coming with.


Prezi : Presentation Software

Prezi – Presentation Software

Prezi – top Presentation Software

If you are looking for an online presentation tool, then you are bound to be confounded because of the huge number of choices. So let me make it easier for you and here I will list some of the best online presentation tools that are currently available and you can choose the one that is best cut out for your purposes.


Best online presentation tools:

Google Slides

The first one on this list is Google Slides. As you may be aware Google is the biggest force on the Internet right now and, therefore, they dabble in everything, from games to presentation tools and since it is such a big name any offering from this brand cannot be ignored. The name of the company is big enough for users to trust it blindly but apart from that, it has several wonderful features that make this app what it is. The first thing that you will notice about Google Slides is the huge number of templates, fonts, themes, animations, and many other things that it comes with. There are a lot of templates that are available for you to make your work better and faster. Since the online world is of paramount importance, Google Slides provides great connectivity options and accessibility. The slides can also be shared with other people as well as edited by people who have permissions thus obliterating the need to create several copies. It comes with an auto-save feature and also works with PowerPoint. It also does not require a projecting tool but only a Chromecast enabled device will do. Here is the download link.


In very simple terms, Prezi is the most exciting presentation tool available currently. We have all known for a fact that presentation can sometimes become very boring affairs when you are busting it in your office the whole day and at the end of it all you have to present an idea in front of the board. The only software that you will find engaging enough is Prezi because it uses some unconventional techniques to grasp a viewer’s attention. This software does not offer the conventional slide after slide or a short movie feature to present a video but a user can create a large canvas with slides placed side by side and the presentation zooms in and out to offer the idea to the viewers. To some extent, Prezi can actually be used by several individuals together to create ideas on a single board and collaborate. Prezi is very dynamic and is a very unique offering from its developers. The user interface is simple and easy but it creates very lively and vibrant presentations. Getting the freeform interface into grasp takes a bit of time but if you want something different to impress your bosses, then this might be the one for you. The official website link is here if you want to get it

Microsoft Sway

Many big enterprises and companies but slowly moving away from the traditional. Software and apps also following the way like for example, presentation software is no longer referred to as such and all software developers as well as corporations, prefer to call this a story telling app. In order to remove the mundane presentation, storytelling is the straw that everybody is grasping. Microsoft Sway is the new software on the block that has lent itself to storytelling. This software is more focused on creating tutorials, introductions, and reports and its easy cloud sharing capabilities is a big plus. Instead of slides, Microsoft Sway uses cards which can be grouped together as well as isolated. It provides a flexible alternative to the PowerPoint. The app is very simple and easy to use and the restriction on the customization of the app by the user clearly indicates that it has not been created to satisfy the user aesthetically. Sway does have a limitation which is that content has to be uploaded and nothing can be created in this software. It can be seen as a boon as well as a bane but Microsoft Sway is what it is and seems likely to be one for the future. The official website link of Microsoft Sway is given here if you want to get there directly


PowToon is the next one on our list of the best presentation tools. The USP of this service is that it is extremely fast and has a lot of pre-made templates and objects that help make the process of creating a presentation much faster and more efficient. Music and voice-overs can also be included in the presentation. This software encourages its users to create presentations depending more on images, videos, and music rather than the standard text and picture combination. PowToon also provides a blank canvas for those users who are more interested in creating a presentation from scratch. Another big plus that this service brings with it is the ability of novices to create professional looking presentations. There is a plethora of video tutorials and the newest technology that this software utilizes makes a presentation an easy affair. Users can drag and drop and also search for elements to infuse in their presentations. As is very evident from the description, all the new age presentation software are more focused on discarding the textbook and conventional presentation for a more fun-filled and exciting one and PowToon is very much on the way to becoming one with the upcoming Slides feature that is under development.

Here is the direct download link if you want to get it immediately.

Haiku Deck

The first thing that will hit you if you use the next presentation tool on our list is its simplicity. The next thing will be the limited amount of features which might give you the feeling that this software called Haiku Deck is actually a strict taskmaster that does not allow users to create extravagant presentations with an abundance of unnecessary elements that cram it up. It has some inbuilt guidelines through which it helps users to create the perfect presentation sans irrelevant and often annoying elements. Once you use Haiku Deck, you will understand that there is a very small chance of going wrong with this software because there is not a great deal to do. You just have to select the background images that you are willing to use for your presentation and a line or two along with it. The images feature in Haiku Deck is absolutely fantastic and is unlike any other I have encountered because the software goes through your text very minutely and after creating keywords, it searches the web on its own for appropriate images that do not need a license. This saves up on a lot of time and the smoothness by which presentations in Haiku Deck can be transferred to PowerPoint is something that a user has to do in order to believe it. This one has great potential to rule this field in the coming years and if you want to get it download directly then here is the link.


With SlideDog, a presentation is made exceptionally easy and the biggest thing is that it can broadcast a presentation live on the Internet for people to see irrespective of whether they are close by or not. Also, the ability to control the presentation with a remote browser is something that is not found in any other presentation app. The user interface is very easy and sports clean and precise design. SlideDog also makes presentations out of imported images and videos, ones that are already made. Therefore, creating a presentation of one’s own is completely not possible as users have to import media from the outside but there are some fantastic features that this software comes with that may help you make up your mind. The ability of any web-controlled device to maintain a presentation on track is a very big advantage as is the chat room that is present in every presentation so that remote users can communicate while watching the presentation at the same time. All the most of the content has to be imported, there are notes that can be added and if anyone joins a presentation late, they can catch up with what has been going on without really disturbing the others. The dual screen mode is also very good and helps a lot for people to multitask. Here is the direct download link of SlideDog

There are many online presentation tools, services, as well as software, available but this list contains the 6 most prominent and upcoming presentation tools that are reigning this market and also looks likely to maintain their position in the years to come. You can choose any one after carefully reading about all of them so that you can make an informed choice and select the one that is best suited for your purposes.

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