How to copy text from protected sites. Right Click Disabled Site

Copy text from protected sites

Security has happened to you. Be it for whatever you need the text of a web page, you will copy and paste it somewhere else and suddenly you find that is protected. Well, that’s no problem because there are several ways to remove this protection and bringing the text you see on screen anywhere , wherever you want. We explain how to do it easily.

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copying text from protected In my student years he preferred to make Internet text books. It will be good or bad, each have their ways, but often came across protected web pages that do not allow me to do it as easy as “copy and paste”. However, the need makes man , they say, and found several ways to bypass this protection.

Copying text from print settings

The first method passes in the web page you want to take protected text, access the print settings. We can do it with the shortcut Ctrl + P, and once here we will see the print preview. Through this preview, all you have to do is copy the text you want to achieve and, surprise, you may have jumped protection same.

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Copying text from Reading View

There are other alternatives for web browsers, and Safari included is a default mode. The reading mode in Google Chrome, we can use with extensions like “Clearly” . In any website, clicking Clearly, the reading, which simplifies the format of the website and lets you copy the text mode is activated skipping the restrictions authorized by the website in question

Download this Google chrome extension

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