How to Delete/Remove Duplicate Contacts from android

Delete Duplicate Contacts from Android Contacts List

Duplicate contact is a big problem that bugs users when they change their phones. Often, there are two or more copies of one contact and, although it does not create much of a problem, it does make the contact list look bad. This also happens when a phone is reset to factory settings. The contact list not only looks bad but also has so many entries that it becomes very difficult to pick out a contact. Manually deleting contacts is an option but if you are a very popular person and have hundreds of phone numbers stored on your phone, then it is the task that is virtually impossible. I will give three methods by which you can overcome this problem with ease.

remove duplicate contacts from android

  1. The first method involves merging contacts. This is something that is found in most Android phones and can help solve your problem. This way the help of the phone is taken to find out and delete duplicate contacts. What you need to do is open your Contacts and then open the Menu for Contacts. There you will find an option called Merge Accounts. As soon as you click on this option, you will get two options one of which will be merging with the phone manufacturer or merging with Google. You can choose either of these options and once it merges the phone will automatically off for you the option to delete all the duplicate contacts at one go.
  2. The second method is taking the help of Gmail in order to solve this problem that played most users at some point in their lives. You have to create a backup and enable contact syncing with your Gmail account. Now you can open your Gmail account and on the left hand you will see a Gmail tab which you can click on and a menu will drop down. In that menu, there will be an option called Contacts which you have to select. It will open a different page filled with your contacts and on top of your Contact list there will be an option called More. You have to click on it and you will find another drop-down menu with the option Find and Merge Duplicates. Click on it and after some time, a prompt will appear with all the information about the number of contacts that can be merged and the number of duplicates present. Click on merge and everything will be updated.

The third option is to use a dedicated app from the Google Play Store to delete your duplicate contacts and also sync them perfectly across all devices and online accounts. One of the best apps for this is Duplicate Contacts and you just have to install and launch it and it will automatically start scanning your contact list and providing you with the information of how many contacts are duplicated. You can then check out the results that the app throws up and then decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete. Here is the download link of the app in the Google Play Store

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