Don’t Installing Unwanted Software On Your PC

The more we use our computer install more software daily. These often programs are benign and do not include any software unwanted hidden in the installer, but other programs distributed for free include adware that if we are not careful, they end installed in our system displaying advertisements, that’s what’s called “adware”.

It is your responsibility to have control over the software that is installed or not installed. In most cases, unwanted software allows disabled during installation, however, in other cases this is not true and is installed by force in the system causing real problems of operation.

Don’t Installing Unwanted Software On Your PC

Don't Installing Unwanted Software On Your PCThen we leave a few tips to follow to avoid installing this software spam in our system and maintain maximum performance, cleanliness and safety.

Always download applications from their official websites

Generally the leading websites do not add unwanted its programs, however, if downloaded from other websites that are dedicated to collecting applications and easy downloading, most of the time we end software installed or do not want malware software.

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It is advisable to spend a few minutes locating the author’s website one hour before removing unwanted software.

Attention to download

Sometimes you may just before downloading the application have an option that allows us to choose whether we want to install certain advertising applications. If we select those options when we download the application will come with such unintended default and installed software in the process.

Do not install with next> next> next

We must not pass attendees obviating the content thereof. It is advisable to read what is in each window and know what they are accepting and if we see a window that offers a potentially unwanted application, reject it before continuing.

Always choose custom installations

Fast facilities generally installed the program, supplements and all additional software, however, if we make a custom installation can choose ons you want to install and uncheck the unwanted software that is not installed.

Read all boxes wizard

We read all the boxes for what to install and what not. We should also pay attention to what we accept as many kits may be inverted or double negatives (eg “I’m not opposed to installing this adware”).

Do not accept all the terms of license

Sometimes installing adware is displayed as a window “license terms” instead of a selectable box. We read every entry which corresponds to avoid inadvertently install this softwae.

Beware installers within installers

Occasionally you may meet a wizard that appears within the facility itself, which, by accepting automatically install unwanted software on your system. It is therefore important to always read all windows that appear to us.

Portable applications are our allies, but always with caution

Portable applications do not require installation so I do not usually install unwanted software, however, we must always download these applications from trusted sources and it is possible that if you download a portable amended finish installing malware in our system. A reliable website to download portable applications is PortableApps .

With these tips will avoid that in most cases is installed in our unwanted adware system and the overall system performance is impaired. Remember if you have questions you can ask in our forum dedicated to software .

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