Enables Metro Window In Windows 10

All Windows users have been familiar with the Metro window since the Windows 8 operating system came around. The Metro window refers to the tiled desktop that appears when the Windows 8 starts up. It was actually created for the touch screen interface but there were some complaints from normal mouse users who are of the opinion that moving the mouse from the left or right continuously in order to go to the apps was very disruptive. This feedback was taken by Microsoft and in Windows 10, the feature was removed which resulted in the fans of the Metro window highly displeased. This layout format was actually very attractive to look at but for a beginner getting to the desktop was really confusing. However, for all Metro window lovers, there is some good news as there are ways that you can enable the metro window features in Windows 10 also.


A window similar to the following settings will appear.

enable metro view in windows10

How to enable Metro window in Windows 10?

I had been talking about the Windows 10 technical preview some months back and now that it is finally here, I can say that it is one of the very best Microsoft products that has ever been launched. However, like many others, I was also a fan of the Metro window in the Windows 8 version and also craved to get it on my Windows 10 device. So here is how you can do it.

  • You first have to fire up your system and as soon as you reach the desktop, you can right-click on the taskbar and select the Properties option from the menu that pops up.
  • Another menu will appear titled ‘taskbar and start menu properties’ where you will find 4 tabs, out of which you have to click on the start menu You will see at the very top that there is a tick beside the box which says ‘use the start menu instead of the start screen’. Uncheck that box and click on apply.
  • Another prompt will appear called ‘change start settings’ where you will be asked to sign in again in order for the changes to take place.
  • That is all. Once you sign in you will find that on restarting the computer the Metro window that appears in the Windows 8 will now be on Windows 10.


Microsoft has also introduced a number of improvements in this window Metro, for example, from the Properties> Navigation tab can choose whether we want this window to load on startup (as by default it will boot the conventional desktop) and even the ability to load the desktop when we close all applications Metro instead of staying at this interface back to the desktop.


You can also take the help of a third party software in order to achieve this. There are many search software available on the Internet out of which Metro Controller is one of the most popular ones. You will just have to download and install the application which is only a few MBs in size. Once it is installed it will provide you with three options regarding the Metro window. The first option will give you the power to disable all the features like the Metro window and the lock screen. The second option will allow the user to keep only the Ribbon Explorer and disable all other Metro features while the last option will allow the user to completely shut down the Metro functionalities.

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