How to install Windows 8 from USB

How to Install Windows 8 OS From Bootable USB Pendrive, Make  Flash Drive A

you can use any operating system in order to achieve this but here I am going to take the Windows 8 as the operating system that has to be installed. The Windows 8 operating system is one of the newest and recent ones among all other Windows OS, apart from the Windows 10. It is also one of the most popular at present because of its excellent functionality and efficiency at work.

Ironically, I write about tech but there are many things technical that I don’t understand. One such hurdle that was nearly insurmountable for me was how to format a computer system and install a new operating system on it. Installing games were really easy but when it came to this, I was dumbfounded. With time, however, I have learned how to complete and execute the whole process in order to completely remove the things that are stored in a computer memory and then install something else in it. There was a rapid change in this thing also. The Windows Installer files were at first burned into CDs so that they could be made bootable but gradually CDs have been replaced by pen drives and flash drives. So I am present to explain to you how Windows can be installed on your system by using a pen drive.

1. Create ISO image from a disk

  • The first thing that you need to do is to create an ISO image of the Windows 8 installer file. In order to create the ISO image, you have to download and install a software that can transform a normal EXE file into an ISO one. ImgBurn is one of the leading tools that can easily convert a normal file into an image file.

how to install windows8 os with usb drive

2. Burn the image in your flash drive

Once the application is installed, you can launch it and if you are taking the Windows 8 installer file from a disc you can insert the disc into your drive and a window will appear where you are given choices about what to do with the disc. You can select the “create image file from disc” option.

  1. Choosing the ISO file: We will select the disk image we have previously done and we will have in our hard disk.
  2. Choose the type of data carrier: We were offered the option to install the image on a DVD or a flash drive. Obviously, we will choose the second option.
  3. Insert USB key: We will connect our USB drive to the computer, the only requirement being that has at least 4GB of capacity. Keep in mind that the entire contents of the disk we use completely erase.
  4. Creating a bootable USB disk: A progress bar will tell the time remaining until the conversion is made.

Windows-USB-DVD-tool install windows8 from pendrive

3. Boot the system from the USB drive

  • After that, there is an option where you can choose the media through which you can move the file, which is a pen drive in this case. This process will take a couple of minutes and after it is done, we can connect the pen drive to our computer.
  • Now we have to reboot the system and select the booting device as the flash drive. Start clicking on F2, F12, or the Esc key to get to the BIOS option. Select the USB drive as the first boot priority and then you can reboot the system again.
  • The next time, do not touch anything and let it proceed with whatever it is doing and soon you will find that Windows 8 is being installed.

how to install windows8 OS using USB drive

If you are installing a Windows version that does not take up much space and on top of that your pen drive has lots of space which you do not want to waste by making it bootable, then there is a way you can do both simultaneously. You just have to follow the simple steps below.


  • Insert the USB drive and in the command prompt window type diskpart. This method involves a way where you can make a partition on your pen drive like you make partitions on your computer’s internal hard disk. You can use one part to create a bootable pen drive while the other can be used to store and transfer files like normal pen drives do.
  • In the next step, you have to type in listdisk which will display a list of all the drives that are present and from the list, you will understand which one is your pen drive. Now type in select disk <> and put in the drive number that you have just noted down. Format the drive if it is not already, by typing in clean.
  • After it is completed you have to type create part pri and then type select part 1. Next, you have to type in format fs=ntfs, which ensures that the pen drive is in the NTFS format which is the standard for most USB drives nowadays.
  • Type active and click on enter and then type exit and click on enter and the process will be completed.

Note: Although it is not written, you have to click on enter after every command you type in. It is also advisable that you create a FAT32 format pen drive if your server platform provides Unified Extensible Firmware Interface or UEFI.

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