How to install Windows 8 from USB

How to Install Windows 8 OS From Bootable USB Pendrive, Make  Flash Drive A

By now it is standard in the world to have a computer without reading disk drive, so the only way to install an operating system via a USB disk from which to start it. In this little tutorial we will learn how to install Windows 8 from a USB disk created from a DVD or ISO image.

Microsoft offers Windows 8 installation online if you already have one installed on your operating version. In fact, digital packages update Windows 8. Still marketed, in many cases it will be necessary to start the disk, Windows from an external drive, either because we have another operating system installed, because there is a problem and we can not start the we already have, so to access system recovery tools perhaps this is the only procedure in certain situations.

1. Create ISO image from a disk

In case we have our retail DVD copy, we necessarily have to convert its contents to an image file to then pass it to our USB drive. In case of already having it, proceed directly to step 2.

For conversion need to use a program capable of converting disks to this format, being a good alternative for your convenience and availability free ImgBurn. From the application once installed, and the disc is inserted, press in the option “Create image file from disk”. By default, we will go to the Documents folder.

how to install windows8 os with usb drive

2. Burn the image in our flash drive

For this step we need the tool Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, created by Microsoft specifically for the task we present here, but is fully functional for the latest versions of the operating system, including Windows 8.1. Once installed, the process consists of four simple steps:

  1. Choosing the ISO file: We will select the disk image we have previously done and we will have in our hard disk.
  2. Choose the type of data carrier: We were offered the option to install the image on a DVD or a flash drive. Obviously, we will choose the second option.
  3. Insert USB key: We will connect our USB drive to the computer, the only requirement being that has at least 4GB of capacity. Keep in mind that the entire contents of the disk we use completely erase.
  4. Creating a bootable USB disk: A progress bar will tell the time remaining until the conversion is made.

Windows-USB-DVD-tool install windows8 from pendrive

3. Boot the system from the USB drive

We have created our unity, Now our team need to boot from our USB drive. If you have already an operating system installed, surely we have to change the boot order. To do this, we have to access our system BIOS by pressing F2 (Delete or F12 on some machines) to enter the setup menu.

Depending on the manufacturer of our chipset, BIOS menu will have a different distribution, although in most cases the configuration will be in the BOOT section. We’ll have to put the USB drive as the first boot option. Thus, before checking if there is an installed operating system will search the connected drive. Depending on our team, the option to mark be USB or External Device.

how to install windows8 OS using USB drive

After that, we will have to restart your PC with the attached USB flash drive and follow the installation steps in Windows as if it were a DVD.

Note : Selecting the ISO from Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool could skip notice that it is an invalid image. If this happens, if we copied the image from a DVD will try with a different program ImgBurn as ISO Workshop or All Free ISO Creator . If you still all else fails, we can try other conversion programs to USB as Rufus .

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