Record calls automatically on android. Simple App

Simple Way to Record All your Phone Calls. Automatically Save’s Voice

Different reasons can make you have an interest in keeping a record of their phone calls, ranging from a simple memory problem, to the desire to have some level of guarantee to close deals with others. However, it is always necessary to remember that use recordings in which both parties have not given their consent to happen can not be used as evidence in court, for example.

Automatic Call RecorderWith this guide, you will learn to use the Android application “Call Recorder”, which simply be installed on your device to automatically record your calls.¬†Interestingly, the app is its integration with Google Drive (requires Android version 3.0 or higher), so that you do not need to consume an excessive amount of space on your smartphone to keep the stored recordings.

  1. The first step to take is to install the Call Recorder (click here to access the app page in the Play Store);
  2. Then, with the open application, access your options and ensure that “Recording calls” is activated;
  3. When a connection occurs, the recording icon is displayed at the top of the screen (the classic red circle). In addition, a notification appears when the call ends, facilitating their access to the file;
  4. When you tap the notification or access the Call Recorder (on your desktop), you can check a list of all the stored links – tap on one of them to give more options.

Automatically Record Calls on Android Remember that the size occupied by audio files is usually little, but ends up weighing too if you keep all your saved links. In other words, it is good to let the auto save turned on, but always delete those calls where no important information will be useful later.

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