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Automatic Call Recorder

There are many reasons that people can have in order to record phone calls. You might need it to catch your cheating partner, you may need it while closing deals with business associates, or you can even record conversations with friends so that they can be used later for pranks. Whatever you might record has unlimited scope and it completely depends on you and your choices. It will be good to notify you in the very beginning that recording that is made without the consent of the parties involved in the conversation cannot be used as evidence legally. Therefore, if you have some sinister idea that could become successful by using this app, then be prepared to be disappointed. But I can also say that you can use it for other purposes also. Now there are hundreds and thousands of call recording software on the Internet as well as on the Google Play Store. Their features and functions are more or less similar but there are some that fall in the premium category and work very efficiently. One of them is the Automatic Call Recorder.

Automatically Record Calls on Android

Automatic Call Recorder features:

  • This call recorder is a great app because it only deals with the primary function and does not expend any of its efficiency on extra activities. Therefore, you can use it to record a phone call and then save it if you want. A very helpful feature that this app provides is the control to the user to determine whether to save a call recording or not. This helps in keeping the phone memory free of unwanted conversation recordings.
  • The Automatic Call Recorder also provides Google Drive and Dropbox integration which means that users can easily save the recordings in the cloud so that even during the event of a phone loss, the recordings can be intact. The only condition involved in this is the Android operating system of the device must be above version 3.0.
  • This app is absolutely free and still it provides premium recording options and quality that even paid apps sometimes cannot offer. One thing that does need to be checked, however, is whether the device is compatible or not.
  • The inbox is a space that is determined by the phone memory. As soon as it fills up the oldest recordings are automatically deleted and the new ones are saved. So if you think that recording is really important then you have to save it in the Saved Calls folder.
  • A call summary menu can also be determined by the user to appear after each call. Also, recordings can be searched by contact or phone number.
  • There are three modes that the user can choose. The default setting is ‘record everything’ which records every call, the second one is the ‘ignore everything’ which means apart from a predetermined list of users, no conversations will be recorded, and lastly there is the ‘ignore contacts’ which will record all calls from unknown numbers and the predetermined contact list.
  • The free version of this app contains ads but the pro version does not.

How to get Automatic Call Recorder on your Android?

This app is a very useful want to have on any device and since it is really easy to get and also does not charge anything, you can just visit the Google Play Store and download and install the app from there.

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