How to Disable Bloatware for Non-Rooted Androids

Remove Bloatwares from Your Android Device

Bloatware is a pain in the…you know where! What is bloatware? Have you seen those apps that are preloaded on every new phone that you buy? Now some of these apps are useful and users are thankful that phone companies have the sense to include them on the handsets but there are some that are appalling and users want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Therein occurs the problem because these apps are generally categorized as system apps and, therefore, they can only be disabled but not removed. This is a nuisance that everyone has to face and there is a solution to remove it but it requires an Android phone that is rooted. Due to this requirement, many users have opted to persist with the problem but here is some good news. There is a way that Android bloatware can be removed without rooting a phone. In this article, I will provide the full steps of the process by which it can be done. The process is a bit complex as it involves installing multiple software so it is advisable that you be patient and also have a good WiFi connection for your phone. Once you are settled, follow the steps that are listed below.

How To Enable Developer And The USB Debugging Options :

In the Andriod devices open the settings. and go to android about page sometimes android about page is blank so tap the build number on mobile repeatedly by this you can open the developer options easily. and allow your android device to enable the USB debugging. a small window will appear which asks you for permission to enable just click on OK. so now to you had enabled successfully enabled the USB debugging options.


In the process of disabling the apps we need two types of drivers one is ADB drivers and another thing is Gatesjunior’s Debloater program.

Now install the ADB drivers ON windows PC (or) Laptop.

If you don’t have ADB drivers don’t worry.I am providing the link to download the ABD drivers here.

Download ADB Drivers.

Download this in your personal windows computer and install them.

After the ADB drivers installed now download and install the Gatesjunior’s Debloater program in your PC.

Download Gatesjunior’s DEbloater program

How to remove bloatware on a non-rooted Android device?

  • The first thing that you need to do is connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable. Then you have to get the debloater tool. A new app from XDA developer, gatesjunior, is doing the rounds and I can suggest that it is one of the good ones out there, so you can get it downloaded first before you proceed. Make sure that the connection between the phone and the PC does not suffer any interferences. Now visit Settings on your phone and select Developer Options. A prompt will come up where you have to click on OK. Once you do, another prompt will appear where you again have to click on OK but before that check the box that says Always Allow From This Computer.
  • Now launch the debloater software on your computer and within a few seconds, you will find that it is running fine which will be signified by the Device Connected and Sync options turning green in the left-hand corner of the window. You will also encounter a list of all the apps that can be deleted from your device.
  • On the upper left-hand corner, you will find a Read Device Packages On clicking it list of all the apps on your phone will be displayed. Carefully scrutinize this list and make a note in your mind about the ones that you do not want any more.
  • Check the boxes that are adjacent to every app on the list and which you do not want on your device. Then click on Apply and you will see that the software will start blocking those apps.
  • There is also a Search filter so that if you find it difficult to get an app then you can just type it in the search bar and it will appear in front of you. If by chance, you delete the wrong app, do not panic as there is a solution to that. You have to click the Unblock all packages tab and you will get your valuable app back.
  • Now these are the most important steps that you need to follow in order to remove the bloatware from your phone but there are some things that you must keep in mind.

How To Show The Disabled Apps :


How To Uninstall The Apps Without Rooting The Android Smartphone:


  1. The first thing is that the most common problem while undertaking this process is that your device may not be identified the first time and it will eventually lead to an app crash. So before you begin the process you must ensure that the Unknown Sources option has been enabled. In order to do that, you have to visit your phone Settings and click on Security. In the Security menu, you will find the unknown sources option which you have to enable since you have to make modifications to your phone on the developer level. The phone will continuously fire off warnings because the modifications will look suspicious to it, rather to the Android Operating System. The process will be disrupted multiple times and in order to prevent this, you have to follow the step.shdfhdf
  2. The second thing is optional but if you follow this step, it will do a world of good for you. What you have to do is download and install the Titanium Backup app from the Google Play Store. Install the application and backup your device after you have cleaned it off the bloatware. In this way, you will have a copy so that if there are any problems later on which lead to the formatting of your device in any way, you can revert back to the clean state it was in just after you had removed the bloatware from the phone.sdaeDEGTFD
  3. Lastly, you must also disable the Unknown Sources option that you had previously activated during the process. This is because the unknown sources protects the phone against malicious attacks from hackers or other apps and, therefore, if you do not disable it your phone will not be protected and it may be exploited by some virus hackers who might get wind of the vulnerability.



wrapping out :

So now you are aware of how you can remove the pre-installed bloatware from your phone. Removing it is a big blessing because it not only clears the internal storage space of a phone but also saves a lot of battery life and RAM because these processes keep running in the background even though they are disabled. And since the process is really simple and easy, you can also advise others to do the same or you can do it for them and win some brownie points. Therefore, go ahead and do it now for yourself and also for others.

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