How to Disable Bloatware for Non-Rooted Androids

Remove Bloatwares from Your Android Device

Every Android devices have some inbuilt applications those apps are unnecessary for users. users never tried to use some inbuilt apps. this happens more in Samsung and HTC devices. because those branded smartphones have more unwanted apps. some those apps are S voice, Kies Air. To remove unwanted apps most of them use rooting mobile method. but no knows there is another typical alternative method. now I am revealing that method in step by step procedure.

Basically android apps are installed in APKs so they can’t be uninstalled easily. but by this method users can disable and also can uninstall those apps without rooting method.

Disabling Bloatwares in Non-rooted android devices. For all to do this users must open and enable the developer option and the USB debugging options.

How To Enable Developer And The USB Debugging Options :

In the Andriod devices open the settings. and go to android about page sometimes android about page is blank so tap the build number on mobile repeatedly by this you can open the developer options easily. and allow your android device to enable the USB debugging. a small window will appear which asks you for permission to enable just click on OK. so now to you had enabled successfully enabled the USB debugging options.


In the process on disabling the apps we need two types of drivers one is ADB drivers and another thing is Gatesjunior’s Debloater program.

Now install the ADB drivers ON windows PC (or) Laptop.

If you don’t have ADB drivers don’t worry.I am providing the link to download the ABD drivers here.

Download ADB Drivers.

Download this in your personal windows computer and install them.

After the ADB drivers installed now download and install the Gatesjunior’s Debloater program in your PC.

Download Gatesjunior’s DEbloater program

And now install Gatesjunior’s Debloater program.

Now we are provided with all requirements of drivers to start the disabling the apps.

Connect the android device to your PC. drivers are installed and also USB debugging is enabled so now you will find below screenshot which offers device information. click on read device package which is under the Activity status. and now process works and installs the APK files in your android smartphone.

Now your all mobile applications are displayed. select the unwanted apps to disable them. Debloater stops displaying the unwanted apps from your device. here it just stops displaying the apps. users can enable the apps when they want back also. simply nice right.

How To Show The Disabled Apps :

Just uncheck the apps which are selected to hide.

Up to now we had seen a trick to hide the unwanted apps, but they are installed now here onwards I complied trick ti uninstall the unnecessary apps.

How To Uninstall The Apps Without Rooting The Android Smartphone:


For this process we need an application called Titanium Backup.this app is available in the google play store also . so kindly install the Titanium Backup application.

After the installing the application run it.

In Titanium Backup app users can see the all the list of apps which are installed in android mobile.

Select the unwanted apps in the process to uninstall apps. users can backup those apps through the backup option.


Below screenshot will appear which warns you that apps are uninstalling. no need to worry just click on yes option for further process. because we can get back the uninstalled apps by backup process.


wrapping out :

This is the simple process to disable and to uninstall the apps with out rooting the mobile. by this process users can save the battery life of android mobile by uninstalling the apps. and stay tuned for more and better tricks of android mobiles.

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  1. You can’t run Titanium backup unless you’re rooted, numb-nuts.
    This whole procedure was just another wild goose chase/red-herring.

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