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Reverse Image Search

Images are one of the most popular media that is in use nowadays for expression and communication as well. The photo or the image has gathered a lot of importance in recent years because of a combination of factors. Primarily the introduction of picture editing apps, better cameras on phones, and the rising importance of social media networks have all combined¬† to make the image one of the best forms of expression in today’s world.

Phones started with small 2-megapixel or 3-megapixel cameras but have now graduated to cameras that can rival even digital cameras. Nowadays, in the era of Android and smartphones, companies and people are more concerned about the photo taking capabilities of their phones instead of how they are calling. Apart from the photo editing software that makes photos really beautiful, there are also various other supporting apps that play a big role in making pictures the foundation for social communication. Therefore, in this age where pictures form a major part people’s daily lives, The TinEye Reverse Image software or app occupies a central place.

Reverse image search engines

Reverse Image Search


  • This software has been developed by Idee Inc. This software is one of the first image search engines available on the Internet. Like Instagram, this software has been from the very beginning of this field. We search for various queries on the Internet via search engines. We do so by using keywords, metadata, and other such properties that are generally unique to a particular subject. This software is different because it searches for queries on the basis of images.
  • What TinEye Reverse Image does is it creates a digital fingerprint of any image that is uploaded by a user and it searches by trying to match the digital signature with the other imagine that are already indexed in its database. This is a unique power that is equal to match images even when they have been edited multiple times.
  • This service that has been claimed to be the first of its kind was launched way back in 2008. The founders of this company undertook the intelligent task to pair up with renown brands and copyright owners in order to trace their work and find out whether there are any illegal copies or reproduction of their work.
  • The process that users are required to follow involves uploading a picture or providing the URL of an image that cannot exceed 20 MB in size. TinEye Reverse Image then creates a digital signature of the image so that it can be matched with other images. It is, however, to be noted that facial recognition is not done by this service. Instead, this software recognises a full picture and not a part of it.
  • The photos that the user can upload are limited to the JPG/JPEG, GIF, or PNG
  • Once the matching process is complete, a results window opens up that displays the total number of images that can be considered as similar to the uploaded image. There are categorizations available where a preview image, a URL as well as a ‘compare images’ tab are available. There are also options available for the best match, the worst one, the biggest image, and the smallest one.
  • This is a very useful app to have in order to seek out the violations of a copyright.

So how does TinEye Reverse Image actually work?

We know the basic way by which this application works and, therefore, it is time now to get into the technical know how. TinEye Reverse Image has an algorithm that helps it in determining whether a picture actually matches with some other image. The algorithm first reduces the size of the pictures to an 8×8 dimension so that it contains only 64 pixels. The colors are there in reduced to 64 in number. Then the colors are averaged and the bits are computed. At the end of the process, a hash is constructed which helps in determining whether a picture matches another one or not. Two different hashes of two different pictures are compared by bits. The more the bits match, the greater is the chance of the pictures being similar.

I hope you have understood now as to how the TinEye Reverse Image software actually works. This is a very good service that efficiently determines whether pictures are alike or not. Essentially it serves a great purpose of catching copyright infringements and also it helps amateur uses in finding copies of the same image from all over the Internet without the user having to work much for it. If you want to use this service you can just visit the official website of the TinEye Reverse Image or the service is also available as a browser extension on the Chrome Browser. The service is absolutely free and signing up is optional.

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