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Often we associate the bad performance or slow running of our computers to completely innocuous programs or we blame it on or hardware and start whining and complaining about how fast technology is moving and how people all around us are improving their machines while we are unable to do so. All of us have faced this situation at some point in our lives. But let me tell you that these things come a lot later when we discuss the issue of system lag. If you are unaware, then let me point out to you that we install many software which we use for only the first couple of times and then, we just forget about it while it is still on the back burner consuming essential RAM, network data, and what not. These software apps can keep on guzzling computer resources while we keep complaining about other things that you think might be interfering with the computer’s normal functioning. It is time that you faced the fact that these completely useless programs detrimental for your system and, therefore, you should get rid of these and try to make your computer as clean and junk free as possible. The Revo Uninstaller works wonders in this aspect.

You can download Revo Uninstaller from your main website. We can choose, for example, download the portable version,so that the program is run and its installation is not required.

How does the Revo Uninstaller work and what does it do for your system?

  • This software has been created for the sole purpose of removing everything that is not of any benefit to the user from his/her system. It is compatible with most operating systems, even the Windows 10, which makes it one of the most popular in this field. The first thing that any user will notice is that it comes with a beautiful interface which is very easy to navigate and considering the complex work that it does, the commands that it requires to execute it are quite simple.uninstall unwanted softwares on your pc
  • When you launch it for the very first time, you will find that the very opening page will contain all the apps that you have installed on your system and on the menu above you will find the uninstall It appears much like the Windows Programs and Features menu but here a software and the essential information associated with it are displayed along with the icon, which makes it easier to way to uninstall your waste application softwares on your computer
  • The good thing about the Revo Uninstaller is the fact that you can delete software one at a time from your PC and unlike the normal Windows uninstaller, it cleans up the PC completely. I mean to say that when you uninstall a software some of the files stay behind but when you uninstall using this software, the application is completely removed. It can mostly remove all software without any particular hassle but it has to be noted that the free version of this software is unable to remove browser plugins and extensions.
    uninstall all your waste softwares on your notebook
  • An added feature that the Revo Uninstaller comes with is that it also has a cleanup tool. Since this software mainly focuses on uninstalling programs, the cleanup tool is a bit on the lighter side but the little bit that it does is done quite efficiently. It can clear junk files and also your browser cache and history. It also has a Backup Manager which helps you recover important data and also an Autorun Manager which helps you decide the programs that you want to be launched on startup. You can also choose the mode of the scan that the cleanup tool comes with. There are namely three scanning modes which are safe, moderate, and advanced.oneclick delete all your unwanted software applications on your desktop
  • The uninstaller in this software also works in 4 different modes. You can choose to uninstall a program in the built-in mode which does not conduct any additional scanning of leftover software, the safe mode which performs a deep and installation along with a full scan of the registry for any leftovers, the moderate mode which works like the safe mode but performs a deeper scan not only on the registry but also on the hard drive, and lastly, the advanced mode which combines the functionalities of the other three modes to become the all-powerful uninstalling element.

remove all your unused software applicationsOnce run the Revo Uninstaller will see a window similar to the following.


uninstall all your waste useless applications on your pcHere we all applications that have installed on your system are listed. To uninstall one simply must select it by clicking on it and click the “Uninstall” button at the top.

We follow the wizard that appears to us and reach a window similar to the following






First remove the entries in the Windows registry that are no longer valid. We can make all or only shown us they want to erase leaving others in the system.


The same thing we do with the files listed. These files often remain after removal of the program be temporary or configuration. Revo Uninstaller select all and be responsible for removing them.step by step process to uninstall softwares

Once finished deleting files will see a message like this.

finally you have sucessfully removed all your software apps

All in all, the Revo Uninstaller is a great piece of software that people can utilize in order to efficiently uninstall programs and also clean up the PC, with the main focus cleaning up the storage space and reducing the strain on the memory and RAM.

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