Revo Uninstaller Uninstall Unwanted Softwares

Windows includes a default programmed tool to uninstall applications installed on the computer, however, this tool is usually very simple and simply delete the program files and little else, not usually delete temporary files and clean registry.

There are applications that help us to uninstall applications and clean your system in real time so as not to user having to follow these steps manually. One such application is Revo Uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller has 2 versions, a free for all users and a payment with a number of additional functions. The free version is sufficient for uninstalling applications and clean the system, so this time we need not have the advanced tools of the Pro version.

You can download Revo Uninstaller from your main website. We can choose, for example, download the portable version,so that the program is run and its installation is not required.

Once run the Revo Uninstaller will see a window similar to the following.

uninstall unwanted softwares on your pc

Here we all applications that have installed on your system are listed. To uninstall one simply must select it by clicking on it and click the “Uninstall” button at the way to uninstall your waste application softwares on your computer

We follow the wizard that appears to us and reach a window similar to the following

uninstall all your waste softwares on your notebook

In this window, select the aggressiveness with which we are going to uninstall the program. We can choose 4 different options:

  • Built-in: Uninstall the software using only Windows, without delving into files.
  • Safe: Deepen the removal and safe deletes registry entries and any residual files on the disk.
  • Moderate: Removes more files than the previous one, offering a clean uninstall.
  • Advanced: Only for advanced users. Removes many more files that can be dependent on other programs and make them stop working. In this method depends on the user which files will be deleted and no.

The delete method that best suits the needs are Moderate as it will detect most program files and registry entries without harming other applications. Select it and continue with the wizard.

The program will perform a system scan to detect the program and its files.

oneclick delete all your unwanted software applications on your desktop

Then desinstalaremos the program following the usual wizard. Once the uninstall is complete start to remove residual files.

remove all your unused software applications

First remove the entries in the Windows registry that are no longer valid. We can make all or only shown us they want to erase leaving others in the system.

uninstall all your waste useless applications on your pc

The same thing we do with the files listed. These files often remain after removal of the program be temporary or configuration. Revo Uninstaller select all and be responsible for removing them.step by step process to uninstall softwares

Once finished deleting files will see a message like this.

finally you have sucessfully removed all your software apps

The program will have been removed from the system and our system will have been cleared of all residual files that might be on it.

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