How to take screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Alpha Mobile

Easy Way to Capture a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Alpha Model

Take screenshot with samsung galaxy : Sometimes it is necessary to take a screenshot to send information to a contact, such as the location of a map, or just personally to save any important data you do not want to lose (then store this in any online service is completely feasible). Well, we explain how to do that in Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

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Not everything on the phone can be sent via the regular file sending methods including Internet messengers, file transfer apps, or Bluetooth. The biggest problem that users face is when another user asks for the image of the inside of an app. This is virtually impossible and the only way out is the other user install the app and then gets to see what the inside looks like. This was all impossible before the screenshot came along. The screenshot which functions very much like the print screen button of a computer keyboard is one essential feature that the earliest phones and smartphones missed out on. Phone manufacturers, as well as software making companies, have all understood its importance now and, therefore, it comes as a standard nowadays. A screenshot can be of anything from the display wallpaper to a photo of a map open on a phone and also it is mostly in use by gamers who want to take photos of some particular levels in a game so that other users can easily follow them and get ahead. Generally, with the advancement of smartphones both on the hardware and software fronts, a screenshot can be taken in two methods.

screenshot Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Screenshot Method 01: Using physical buttons

  • The first step involves working the hardware present on the phone to take a screenshot. This is perhaps the easiest method because in this step the user can physically press two buttons to take a screenshot. What the user has to do is press the power button on the side of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the home button at the bottom of the screen simultaneously and the phone will take a screenshot of whatever appears on the screen at the time.
  • As soon as the screenshot is taken, the user will notice that there is a flash on the screen itself and on the notification bar a message will appear which says “saving screenshot…” and it will only appear for a few seconds after which there will be a small screen shot icon at the left corner of the screen. As soon as a user drags down the notification pane, there will be an image and the message called “screenshot saved”. There will also be sharing option as well as a deleting option just below the screenshot.

Screenshot Method 02: Capture the screen with a gesture

  • There is a second method also by which a screenshot can be taken on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha mobile. This can be said as the more gracious and elegant way of taking a screenshot because it does not involve the hardware at all and therefore there is no need of pressing or dragging anything. Samsung is very savvy about its motion gestures. However, a user first has to activate it in order to make it work. What the user needs to do is visit the Settings of the phone and click on the Motions and Gestures On that menu, there will be another option called Palm swipe to capture. The user needs to enable this.

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  • As soon as it is enabled the user can come back to the home screen and just move his/her hand from the right to the left above the screen and as soon as the gesture is completed the user will find that a screenshot has been captured which can again be accessed from the notification pane like earlier.


how to take screenshot in samsung alpha galaxy

So now you can see that a screenshot is possible on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha mobile and that also in two different ways. Most smartphones have this feature nowadays with the difference being only in the buttons pressed to capture the screenshot like for example, in MI the power button and the volume lower but has to be pressed simultaneously in order to capture a screenshot while the OnePlus 3 offers several methods for users to determine which buttons they want to press in order to capture a screenshot.

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