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It is the time of the Internet now with technology moving faster than ever before and digitization becoming a keyword in people’s daily lives. As you may have noticed, everything that we do is based on the Internet. From sharing photos to communicating with other people and even filling up forms for jobs or educational purposes, the Internet is the basis on which we have to accomplish all these tasks. We have also encountered problems regarding the Internet because of its increasing demand. Often we have found, in the midst of some important work, the Internet connection lagging or frequently going out. If it is not work-related stuff, then it is still okay but a bad Internet connection, whatever reason it might be, is bad for work and productivity. Your bosses will not understand and you will be at a loss to explain the bad things that are happening to you on your computer. So let us look into some of the most common problems due to which the Internet connection is slower than what is expected.

why my internet is slow


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  • The first thing that comes to mind is the number of tabs and windows that are opened at the same time. There are many users who, unknowingly, open up a lot of tabs when it can be done in a much lesser number. The more the number of tabs, the greater the speed that they suck up. So, while working if you find that your Internet connection is really lagging, then you could start by keeping a note of the number of tabs and windows that you have open on your system. Not only do extra tabs eat up the Internet connection, but also they consume more RAM and other computer resources.
  • The next thing that you have to keep in mind is that modern browsers are much more evolved and efficient than previous ones. New browsers have a lot of more capabilities than older browsers could not even dream of. This is more or less because of extensions. Extensions are more efficient but users also have to keep in mind that they can also be the cause of the net connection slowing down. If there are a large number of extensions on your browser, then they will start up as soon as you open the browser, therefore, guaranteeing low speeds. So it is better that you visit the extension settings on your browser and elect to keep only those that are of some real function to you. A thing that is similar to an extension is the plugin and it also plays a significant part in speeding up or slowing down your Internet experience. So, it is better that you also weed out those plugins that are really not of any use to you.

    tricks to improve your internet speed

    Remove unwanted addons to increase browser speed

  • Many customers fall prey to the double-faced Internet plan. Most Internet service providers will display the maximum speed that they can provide only at certain times but the real truth of the matter is that throughout the day they provide some different speed altogether which is also much less than the one that they claimed at first. So, while choosing your Internet plan you must carefully consider all the plans as well as look out for the happy hours and also keep a note of whether the happy hour and the normal hour Internet speeds are the same.
  • Before calling up your Internet service provider and going berserk, you must also check carefully and see whether there is any problem in your hardware. This is a very common problem that occurs with users but since most of them do not really know about how routers can possibly create a change in Internet speeds. But let me tell you that you should occasionally check your router as well as the computer hardware that supports the Internet, from time to time so that you can be first sure of the fact that there is nothing wrong with your system.
  • The next thing that might be responsible for your slow Internet is thieving or stealing. WiFi signals are very easy to hack and use and if you do not have a security password to protect it then you might as well provide free Internet to your locality. So if you have a router, then the first thing that you need to do is to set a password for it so that anyone and everyone cannot use your valuable WiFi Internet connection. The instructions to do it clearly detailed in the user manual of the router or on the box itself. Even if you do not have a WiFi and your Internet comes directly onto your computer via a fiber optic cable you should sometimes instruct your Internet service provider to check the wires properly from time to time to know whether anybody has hooked on to your system.
  • One last thing that you can do before you can go up and confront your Internet service provider is to check your computer cache. Many users keep history, information, and temporary files year after year and after a certain time, there is such a huge amount of junk in your computer cache, the browser cannot run anymore and it makes it look as if the Internet is slow but actually it is not. Whenever a person visits a page, everything on the page starting from images to texts and even the small video snippets are downloaded onto the computer and if it is not cleared then it stays on and stocks up on the memory. So it is advisable that you clean your cache and browser history at least once a month.
  • For Google Chrome, you can visit Tools by clicking on the three dots at the right-hand corner. In the Tools menu, you will find an option called ‘clear browsing data’.
  • For Firefox, you can visit History and click on the option called ‘clear private data’. This will result in the opening of a prompt where you have to click on Details. There you can select the items that you want to delete and then click ‘clear now’.
  • In the Internet Explorer, you have to enter the Tools menu just like in Chrome. You can do that by clicking the keyboard shortcut directly which is alt + x. Then you can click on Options and in the General tab, you can select ‘delete browsing history’. You have to select the categories and pages that you want to delete and click on the Delete button again.


Your Internet service provider may be at fault for your slow Internet connection but the mistake might also be yours. So read through this list and check whether there is anything that you can do on your part to make it right and if the problem is still not resolved after doing all the things that I have advised then you can call your Internet service guy and tell him to fix it.

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