Tinder without Facebook Keep Your Tinder Private From Your fb

Tinder without Facebook

You must all be familiar with Tinder. For the uninitiated, Tinder is an application which conducts social searches based on a user’s location. It was released in 2012 and is available for both Android and iOS. In layman terms, Tinder searches for people with whom a user can connect within a defined geographical area. It can also be referred to as a dating app. Now, most people value their privacy and do not want to make their professional and personal lives together. For them, using the app can be a bit of a nuisance as Tinder generally takes help from the Facebook account of a user in order to validate the user’s account on the app.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

In this world where everything is digital and social media networking has become a very significant part of everybody’s life, it is very natural for private people to not want their personal preferences or lives to be explicitly displayed on a social media network for everyone to see. Therefore, there are a lot of queries on the Internet and in general about how Tinder can be used without making Facebook friends aware of it., Tinder.without facebook

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Is Tinder Without Facebook Possible?

Steps to use Tinder without Facebook:

If you are a person who is an open book and does not mind people snooping into your personal life and making judgments about you, then you will not be much worried about whether Tinder shows up on your Facebook account or not. But if you are a private person and you want to use tinder without notifying the whole world about it then there are two ways that I will enumerate which will help you in doing the same.

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The first method involves creating a new Facebook account altogether. Since Tinder requires Facebook login startup, the best method to use Tinder without public knowledge is by creating a new Facebook account.

  • Sign up for Facebook and provide some basic details so that the account is created without any hassle. You can provide information here that you are willing to share with everybody.
  • You can also share some pictures because without your own pictures a Facebook account looks a bit suspicious considering the fact that cyber crimes are on the rise these days. You would not want a match to run away because your account looks shady!
  • After the account creation is successfully completed, you can download the Tinder app and use the new Facebook account details in order to log in.

The second method by which you can use Tinder without letting everyone know about it is, by modifying app permissions in your original Facebook account.


  • Log in to your Facebook account and then click on the lock icon on the top right corner of the blue FB bar.
  • There you will see a ‘more settings‘ option where you will find another option called ‘apps‘. These apps are those that are linked to Facebook by any means. You will see the Tinder app here.
  • Click on the tab and you will see an app visibility option which you must change to ‘only me’.
  • By doing this, you prevent Tinder from posting automatically on your Facebook wall.


So these are the two methods that you can use to use tinder without linking it to your Facebook account or by doing it discreetly. Now you can use the app without any worry about the whole world knowing that you use Tinder.

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