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The Candy Crush Saga is one of the biggest games that has never been released for the iOS platform. It is a 3 match puzzle game that was released back in 2012 and since then its popularity has prompted many more sequels, all of which are equally fantastic and absorbing. The Candy Crush Saga was followed by the Candy Crush Soda Saga, the Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Farm Heroes among others. This game banks on the user’s intelligence as well as motor functions and while the game is free to install and play, there are in-app purchases that can be made to make the game easier. There are also some cheats and hacks that a user can utilize in order to play the game and also get the in-app purchases for free. We will discuss about that later but first, let us get to know a bit about the gameplay so that you can understand the scope of the cheats and hacks and where in the game you should utilize it, as well as how.

Candy Crush Saga gameplay:

  • As mentioned earlier the Candy Crush Saga is a match 3 puzzle game where the story begins with Tiffi and Toffee, who set out on an adventure in the Candy Kingdom and solve the problems of the residents of the kingdom. The problems can be solved by playing the game which basically is a Tetris-like board where candies drop from above and the objective of the user is to form patterns using similar looking candies.
  • Only this would make the game very boring and, therefore, there are many special patterns that can be formed in order to win greater points and bigger rewards. Special combinations include matching more than 3 similar looking candies to create a striped candy that can immediately erase a full row or column, there is the wrapped candy which clears the board adjacent to it on all sides and then there is the color bomb which can remove all the similar looking candies on the board irrespective of where they are.
  • There is a jellyfish when it comes to jelly clearing boards and then there is the booster wheel. There are also special candies which block the user’s efforts to clear the board like liquorice swirls, chocolate spawners, and marmalade guards. There are also special candies that can evolve into something useful or harmful for the user like the chameleon candy which suddenly changes its type, the mystery candy which turns into a special candy or blocker and an extra time candy which extends the time limit to clear a board for the user.
  • All these combine to create boards that the user has to clear in order to move to the next episode. There are some episodes that require special permissions or a particular amount of money so that the user can get through to the next one. This is the basis of in-app purchases on the game and if a user opts not to spend money, then he/she has to wait out a period of time before the level is unlocked automatically or by collecting requests from the Facebook friends. Now this is the irritating part because most users are prepared to do neither and this is where the Candy Crush Saga cheats and hacks come in to play.

How to get the Candy Crush Saga cheats and hacks:

  • You first have to download the iFunbox app and install it on the PC. You can get the direct download here.
  • Do not open the Candy Crush Saga app when the process is going on.
  • There is a file on this address which you have to download.
  • You can then launch the iFunbox and connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Inside the iFunbox, you will find the iPhone where you have to click on Applications.
  • The games list will appear from where you have to click on Candy Crush Saga and then you can click on documents.
  • Remember the file that you downloaded in step 3 of this process? Copy that file and paste it in the documents folder. You will have to overwrite that file on the original one.
  • Now you can refresh your computer after closing all the windows and after ejecting properly, you cannot launch the Candy Crush Saga on your phone and you will find that you now have infinite life and all the levels and episodes have been unlocked without you having to pay money waiting for anybody on Facebook.

Candy Crush Saga game tricks 2015 Walk-through Videos

So did you go with one of the easiest cheats and hacks that have ever been made for a game. Now you can implement it very easily by following the steps that are given above. You can also choose to share this with your friends so that they also do not face any difficulty. Unfortunately, this process is limited to iPhone users only but there is no cause to despair because there is a cheats and hacks post for Candy Crush Saga Android users also which you can check out if you have an Android device.

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