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You all are aware of Candy Crush and its various versions like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga and also the Candy Crush Jelly Saga. All these games have been created by the developer called King. These games became very famous and crossed download marks without breaking a sweat. One of the latest offerings of this developer is Farm Heroes Saga.

Farm Heroes Saga hacks

This game follows the Candy Crush pattern where it is a 3-match puzzle game and users have to create patterns with similar elements in order to clear the board and win points. There are also many special elements as also are many different patterns with the user can utilize to score points quickly. There are also some villainous characters that undo the good work the users do. This game is easy at first but because it follows Candy Crush’s blueprint, it does get difficult with the progress in levels. There will come a time when every user will be stuck at some stage, waiting for some way to free themselves of the bind. In order to help users with that, there are some Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks. In order to understand how to use the Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks, it is essential to know how the game is played.

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Farm Heroes Saga gameplay:

  • The Farm Heroes Saga game follows the Candy Crush versions with the only difference being that this game uses farm related crops, fruits, and vegetables instead of the candies and jellies used in the latter. 3 or more similar pieces have to be matched in order to create patterns and win points and clear the board. If the user is not fast enough and the board is filled up, then the game will be over immediately.
  • There are a set number of moves that a user has, to clear the board. If the user completes the board using a lesser number than the assigned moves, then extra points can be won. The hero mode is enabled in this case which includes extra multipliers to boost the user’s score. The Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks also help the user in gathering more points and resources easily.
  • There is a villainous character in the game called the Rancid raccoon which can be encountered in the Boss stage, which is a new element in the game. The raccoon has to be killed off quickly before it can damage the user’s crops by collecting magic beans and some crops that are detrimental to the raccoon.
  • There are boosters and other helpful elements that can speed up the game for the user but they include paying some money. With Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks, however, no payment is needed at all. The user can get everything that can help him/her in the game for free.

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How to install and use the Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks for Android?

The Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks are available for both iOS and Android devices. By using this, users get extra moves, unlimited chances for each level and episode, and also unlimited coins which will enable the user to make in-app purchases without getting real world money involved.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to uninstall the Farm Heroes Saga APK in case you are already playing it on your Android device. But before that login to your Facebook account and save your progress.
  • You then have to visit the Google Play Store from your Android device and from there, download and install the app called ES File.
  • In the ES file app, you will find the ‘Mod APK for Android Farm Heroes Saga’.
  • You have to download that file and extract it on your device and after you are done with that, you have to install it.
  • Now you can go ahead and re-install the Farm Heroes Saga APK and once you launch it you will find that everything has changed. Now you can login to your Facebook account again through this game so that you can restore the level you were playing in.

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Watch Farm Heroes Saga cheats Video Tutorial

How to install and use the Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks for iOS?

  • The step 1 of this process is similar to the first step of the process mentioned above, so do that first.
  • Now download the hack file from the link given here to your PC.
  • If you do not have iFunbox, get it downloaded and installed on your system first and then launch it after extracting the hack file.
  • Now connect your iOS device to your PC and transfer the downloaded and extracted files to the following address: UserApplications > Farm Heroes > Documents. A replace prompt will appear where you have to click on yes.
  • Now you can launch the game and login to your Facebook account to resume at the level you left off.

Now you know how to use the Farm Heroes Saga cheats and tricks to progress in the game quickly so go ahead and utilise it in order to make your friends envious.

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