Snapchat Secrets 2017

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Snapchat Secrets 2017:

Snapchat is an app that was developed by Stanford University graduates Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. It’s an image messaging and multimedia mobile application plus it also provides you excellent service.

So, it’s that app with the logo where Casper sticks out his tongue to make him look even cuter. The developers chose tactfully. Well played. From celebrities to your neighbor… from YouTubers to your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Everyone is on Snapchat. Well, you take candid photos and zest ’em up a bit. Add emoticons, write text on it. It’s quite fun and easy to use, to be honest. All about connecting.

Now, in this article, we are going to talk about a little bit about the secrets that the app has. Yes, that’s right. Snapchat Secrets. Everyone has secrets…even Snapchat. Some of the questions one might ask; “is this going to help me?” Yes, it will. So what are these Snapchat Secrets?


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SnapChat app Secrets Revealed

SnapChat app Secrets Revealed

Snapchat regular features and Snapchat Secrets:

  • We are all aware of the normal features that Snapchat provides like taking photos, adding text to images and drawings, record videos, and also self-destructing videos and pictures. The new Snapchat Stories has also contributed much to its popularity. These are the regular features which we already know about and now let us get on to the Snapchat Secrets.
  • The first thing that you have to do is to open Snapchat and then click on the wheel at the top right-hand corner which signifies the Settings. At the very top of the Settings list under Additional Services, you will encounter an option called Manage which you will have to click on.
  • You will now get to see the extra features that Snapchat offers to its users. There are filters, front facing flash, replay, special text, power saving mode, and the hashtag of best friends.
  • The front facing flash is a great feature because the greater percentage of phones do not come with front flash installed on them, but Snapchat has a feature where you can click on the lightning button while taking a photo and the photo immediately brightens up comprehensively.
  • Snapchat allows users to draw on photos directly with secret colors. You can slide your finger from the top to the bottom of the color palette and choose all kind of colors to draw on your photos. Even if you know this, you may not be aware of the fact that you can also draw using transparent color.
  • Also, you can incorporate many other things in your snaps like geo-location, time, temperature, and also the speed that you are moving in while taking the snap.

So these are the secrets that I was talking about, and although it is in the app, there are many people who are not aware of it. If you have not known this, then go ahead and try it and you will be forever grateful to me. Jokes apart, these are some extra features that are doing Snapchat the world of good.

Enable Some New Best  Features:

To activate latest features firstly update the snap chat  applications. Click on settings options in the top right corner and then tap on to manage option.

Enable Some New Best Features

Enable Some New Best Features

Snapchat secrets revealed

Snapchat secrets revealed

In the manage option, you can see more features include filters, replay, front-facing flash, and finally special text. And choose the recipients to whom to want to send the images and videos.

By activating this features, you can see add better effects to images and videos.

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Use Special Effects To Text Font:

Users write some text captions on the snaps. By using this emoji features users can add some funny texts to it.

Snapchat secrets tips and tricks

Snapchat secrets tips and tricks

How To Enable Emoji Feature

Click on ” T ” letter at the top right corner.

Need Front Cam Flash? 

Your device doesn’t have front flash. And worrying about darkness while taking the selfie. Now don’t worry snap chat offers some amazing feature front-facing flash. By enabling this feature, you can add brightness to your pic.

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How To Enable Front-Facing Flash

Click on lightning symbol icon which is at the lift top corner.

Shortcut To Change The Rear To Front Facing Cam:

Front-facing flash

Front-facing flash

Snapchat provides inbuilt settings to change camera facing. To activate this feature simply tap on screen twice that’s it to had changed rear facing the camera to front facing camera.

Add More Members In The Best Friends Display :

Snapchat displays three best friends in the default. but users can change the number of list.

Add More Members In The Best Friends Display

Add More Members In The Best Friends Display

Tap on settings and choose the number to display. you have three options three, five, seven choose any one to display.

Watch The Video Which Shed Some Light On Snapchat Secrets :


Some Facts About Snapchat App:

  • Basically it is an students college project at Stanford university
  • Snapchat officially deactivated many accounts run by the Arizona state and university of Maryland students.
  • In December 31, 2013 snapchat application is hacked later it was recovered with the help of gidson security.

Conclusion :

So we come to end here is the list of secrets hidden in the Snapchat application. if you have any queries regarding the Snapchat feel free to mention them in the comment section. and stay tuned for upcoming posts to know about latest technology tips and tricks.

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