Stop Whatsapp From Automatically Download Pictures & Videos

Sometimes we have a phone that barely has any space to run all the apps efficiently and at that point, the auto download of WhatsApp images and videos becomes a major pain in the ‘you know where’! Because it is one of the biggest Internet messaging apps, there are a lot of users and, therefore, the media exchange is always on a high. The important and trending pictures and videos are okay but when it comes to a thousand pictures of some celebration by your friends, thousands of miles away, while you are sitting in an office busting it, these images become an eye-sore and if the result in even more irritation due to the clogging of your phone’s internal memory, then it is totally unbearable. You must be thinking how I know so much and have such deep insights on this particular matter. Well, the simple fact is I have experienced both. So you are the ways by which you can stop yourself from committing suicide and instead focus on stopping the WhatsApp on your phone from auto downloading everything that everyone sends you.

Since WhatsApp comes on a lot of platforms, we will discuss each and everyone separately. So feel free to go through the list and choose your device and then enlighten yourself.

How to stop WhatsApp from auto downloading media on an Android device?

Disable Automatic Downloading Videos,Images,Audio,File on Whatsapp Android

Since Android is the most popular operating system in the world right now, it is automatically the first choice. What you have to do is launch the app and then click on the three-dot menu at the right-hand corner. Then you have to select chat settings and media download buttons after that. A popup menu will appear where you will be asked when you want media to be downloaded. There will be 3 options including cellular data, when connected to WiFi, or when roaming. Disable the auto download completely by unchecking all the three options. Now you can choose to download the images and videos that you actually want to see.


  • stop automatic downloading in whatsapp avoid or disableOnce there select the option “Settings chat”.
  • And select the option “Automatically download multimedia”.

How to stop WhatsApp from auto downloading media on an iOS device?

Considering that the iPhone comes with limited storage and also does not feature any memory expansion methods, preventing WhatsApp from auto downloading media is of paramount importance. If you have a small contact list with not many people in it, then this option is actually not a problem but if you are the wild party types, then it is advisable that you get on with it. What do you have to do is launch WhatsApp and at the bottom right you will find the settings button which you have to click on. Then you can visit the chat settings and turn off the save incoming media option.

Stop Automatic Downloading Videos,Images,Audio,File on Whatsapp Iphone Settings

Automatic Downloading Videos,Images,Audio,File on Whatsapp Android

How to stop WhatsApp from auto downloading media on a Blackberry device?

The Blackberry also supports WhatsApp and in order to prevent the app from auto downloading media you have to go to settings and then click on media settings which will bring about the media auto-download option. Similar to the Android settings, the Blackberry will ask you when you want to download the media; while you’re on cellular data, WiFi, or while roaming. You can uncheck the media options and all media download will immediately come to a standstill. You will then have the option to only download the media that you want.

How to stop WhatsApp from auto downloading media on a Windows Phone?

The Windows Phone method is a bit different where you have to go to the settings and then select chat settings and then media auto-download. You can then decide whether you want to install any media automatically from images, video, and audio and when you want to download it depending on your Internet connection. You can also select never to download any media automatically.

So there you go with how you can stop WhatsApp from turning into a very big nuisance. It can be effectively done on every device, except for the iOS device which seeks to be unique. Choose the device that you have and you want to disable the feature in, follow the steps that are given, and you can easily get rid of this problem and become the master of your phone gallery.

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