Stop Whatsapp Automatically Downloading Pictures

WhatsApp is not a simple IM client, but also allows you to send multimedia content such as audio, images and video. The problem of this content is usually occupies much longer occupy part of storage space on your device also consumes much we rate mobile data if the automatic receipt of them have selected.

WhatsApp allows us to turn off automatic reception of content to receive only those who we want by downloading manually by clicking on them.

To do this, first thing to do is enter the settings menu WhatsApp.

Disable Automatic Downloading Videos,Images,Audio,File on Whatsapp Android

  • stop automatic downloading in whatsapp avoid or disableOnce there select the option “Settings chat”.
  • And select the option “Automatically download multimedia”.

In this window you will see 3 options. In the first one we configure the data we want to automatically download when we are connected to a cellular data network. The second one allows you to configure the data automatically downloaded when you’re connected to a WiFi network and the third one data downloads when we have data roaming (from abroad, for example).

If you click on one of these entries you can configure the media files you want to download as images, audio or video.

The best option is no download data automatically, but manually download them best when we come to make optimal use of the network and maintain our free device unnecessary burden.

Finally, the voice data that are sent always receive automatically. These voice data seek power use similar to WhatsApp as would a “walkie-talkie”, ie press, talk, release and send the data.

Thus, the files are not automatically downloaded and are not stored on our device indefinitely occupying space that could often be needed for other purposes.

Stop Automatic Downloading Videos,Images,Audio,File on Whatsapp Iphone Settings

Automatic Downloading Videos,Images,Audio,File on Whatsapp Android

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