Whatsapp Download Free.2016 Latest Version For Devices Downloads Whatsapp

Whatsapp Download Free

Whatsapp Download free: Whatsapp Downloading is one of the main concerns of thousands of users when a smartphone for the first time acquired or switch to a new device and that is precisely what we will try to explain in the lines which you will find below. However, we will do before a brief review of the history of WhatsApp, we will try to discover the beginning, what is WhatsApp and how to configure the app to start talking to all our contacts in a simple, fast and totally free way. Let’s Start Free Whatsapp Downloads From Here we update New version of this WhatsApp messenger

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As you well know, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that allows us to get in touch with all our friends, acquaintances, relatives and other contacts you have stored in the phonebook of your mobile phone. Besides being able to talk to them by unlimited text messages, WhatsApp also allows us to send and receive multimedia content (photos, images, and videos), plus audio notes, locations, share contacts and more.

Recently, WhatsApp guys have built a revolutionary new feature that allows all users of the messaging service, free call WhatsApp to all contacts who have updated to the latest version app, which is probably true in all cases, since fortunately most smartphones allow you to update your applications automatically and instantly.

Whatsapp Download Free For All Devices

WhatsApp comes from the English expression “What’s Up!” which means roughly “What?”, A widely used among young Americans and widespread among the English population sentence. Many users know the instant messaging application as “Wasap,”Whats up” or even “Wasa” but it is important to know that the name of the official application is simply to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Inc. The company was born in 2009 headed by Jan Koum and since then has not stopped growing for a single minute. A few months after birth received a remarkable investment worth 10 million dollars from Sequoia Capital boys which gave the company a big boost to expand all existing platforms in those times and become known to the public younger.

In 2013, the company experienced tremendous growth that forced them in March 2013 to announce that WhatsApp for Android would be from that moment an annual app payment, which displeased much to all users of Google’s platform and made him lose a significant number of active users who chose other free alternatives and better support.

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However, on February 19, 2014, it was announced that Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg, had bought WhatsApp totaling 19,000 million, although the company would continue to be the same professionals and the company will retain WhatsApp Inc. as an independent company but capitalized by Facebook.

At present, it is important to understand that WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging application in the world and has recently managed to reach a large 800 million active users per month, much higher than the rest of the competition figure gradually come as they move away from reach WhatsApp records and just ceasing their attempts.According to WhatsApp own boys, the number could reach 1,000 million users in the coming months so that we could say that the growth of “Wasap” is impressive and augur much better times.

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Whatsapp Download For Android

whatsapp download1WhatsApp for Android has never been so easy to download and is thanks to the appearance on the scene of the Google Play Store, the store of unofficial applications for Android of the all-powerful Google, has significantly facilitated the installation of apps and games for our devices. So, we can easily download WhatsApp on Android and in just a few minutes, something that we are going to explain step by step below:

  • Whatsapp download Access the Google Play Store from our Android devices.
  • Once there, simply we go to the search engine Google App Store (the magnifying glass) and enter the name of the app to download and install, in this case, there WhatsApp.
  • That’s when we all the results concerning the selected fields appear and see how the first result of all is the official app WhatsApp for Android, so we will continue to click on the button that says “Download” or “Install” and We follow the steps that appear onscreen us.
  • Then it will begin downloading WhatsApp on your Android device so you have to wait to get off and install the popular instant messaging app, something that will happen in a few minutes.
  • After installing the app, we just click on the icon and there we begin to configure: introducing our phone number when you ask us, waiting for activation, define a name for others to see that nickname when you receive a message from us, profile picture …

[ilink url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp” style=”download” icon=”URL” nofollow=”true”]DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP FOR ANDROID HERE[/ilink]

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Whatsapp Downloads for Iphone

Whatsap download for iPhone is also a very easy task because as Android devices (or vice versa, since Android as we know it today was born after the iPhone) have the App Store, the largest store of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now the Apple Watch. So, let’s see how we can download WhatsApp for iPhone simple and totally free way:

  1. To download free iPhone WhatsApp we first of all access to the App Store, the Apple App Store for your iOS devices.
  2. Once inside, we see that there are different menu tabs at the bottom of our screens (Featured, albums, Browse, Search, and Updates), so we go to the tab “Search” and there enter the name of the app to download, in Here, “WhatsApp.”
  3. First, we the official app WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone will appear, and we just click the button at the right of “Get” to download and install the popular messaging app.
  4. We enter the data of our Apple ID (if requested) and wait a few seconds to finish installing the app. (The speed of download and installation may depend on our connection so in some cases depends on a few seconds and others of several minutes).
  5. Once the downloading and installation, we only exit the App Store iPhone pressing the Home button and find the icon on the springboard WhatsApp Apple smartphone. Once found, we will click on the link and we will continue with the steps on the screen will indicate where we enter our phone number to activate our own and other measures.

[ilink url=”https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/whatsapp-messenger/id310633997″ style=”download” icon=”url” nofollow=”true”]DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP FOR IPHONE[/ilink]

Whatsapp Download For Windows Mobile

whatsapp for windowsWhatsapp download for Windows Phone, as well as Android and iPhone, is simple, and the steps are very similar and that Microsoft’s operating system for mobile devices also has a custom application store, dubbed Windows Phone Store, where we find a large number of apps and games for your Windows Phone:

  • To Whatsapp download for Windows Phone, we mainly access the application store Windows Phone, dubbed Windows Phone Store, which can be found in the main menu of your smartphone.
  • Once inside, we use the search engine to locate the app “WhatsApp.”
  • When the search results we appear, we simply access the first of all the results obtained, which is the official app WhatsApp and click the button that says “Download” or “Install,” depending on the version that you may have System operating.
  • When finished downloading WhatsApp and the installation is complete, simply have access to the messaging app and go there every step that asks us (phone number, picture, display name …)
Whatsapp Download Free.2016 Latest Version For Devices Downloads Whatsapp
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