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WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, WeChat, Line, Google Allo, Google Duo, and so on. You are right. I am talking about Internet text messengers. Like we all know, these text messengers proof to be the end of all communicating services of the bygone era. Even in the professional and academic circuits, these messengers are being increasingly put to use. Now, we know about most of them and we also know for a fact that WhatsApp is the most popular among them, not in a reason but all over the world. WhatsApp is available for all platforms.

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There are iOS and Android versions, Windows phone versions and for computers and the Mac, there is WhatsApp Web that can be used from any browser on a computer. Apart from this, Android emulators can also be used in order to get WhatsApp as an app on computer systems but the thing is it runs in the Android environment that the emulator creates. Now let me give you a piece of information that you are not aware of. WhatsApp is available as an app for PC. In better terms, WhatsApp can be installed like a software and used like one on a PC and it is called the unofficial WhatsApp.

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It is a bit unnerving as it has been around for some time but most of us have not been aware of it. The application is really simple, though and does not involve any complex software. It is just a browser that has been built, solely keeping the interest of the unofficial WhatsApp software. In layman terms, it is a simple browser that can only open the WhatsApp Web address and nothing else. Let me also highlight to you the fact that it is unofficial and the developers of WhatsApp do not endorse this product. It is quite simple and easy to use on any operating system including Windows, Linux, or Mac, which is helping it gather some popularity. Supposedly, it has been developed by Roman developer named Alexandro Roianu.

The main features of Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop are:

  • As I have mentioned previously, this app or software is cross platform compatible which means it can run on Windows, Linux, and OS X.
  • As soon as it is installed on a user’s computer system, it automatically gets a system tray icon as well as native notifications.
  • A benefit that unofficial WhatsApp provides is that the icon on the dock bounces as soon as new messages are received, something which is not available on the WhatsApp web. Users have to continuously keep visiting the WhatsApp Web tab in order to find out whether new messages have been received or not.
  • There are also a number of things that the user can customize in their official WhatsApp accounts through this software. The visibility of a user can be changed as also the message preview visibility and the proxy settings of the software can connect directly to WhatsApp Web. This app also auto launches when the system is switched on.

The application is open source , so you can download the binary and source code free and safe from GitHub.

 Unofficial using WhatsApp for Desktop

How to get an official WhatsApp on your computer?

You can see now that the unofficial WhatsApp is not completely useless especially if you use WhatsApp via your browser on your computer. So if you want to try your hand add using this software then follow the steps below:

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whatsapp for desktop

Scan this code with your smartphone just like we do in our browser and connect directly to application servers so we can start using WhatsApp on your PC similar to a native desktop application, but depending, as in the browser of our smartphone.

whatsapp for pc download

  • This software has been launched by the developer on GitHub and you can directly download from the link given here.
  • After the download is completed, you can just install it like any other computer software by following the installation wizard instructions.
  • Once you install and launch the software, you will find that there is a QR code which you have to scan just like when you log on to the WhatsApp Web for the first time.
  • As soon as the scanning is completed you can go ahead and use this software. You can also rest assured that there is nothing illegal about using this software and unlike in many other apps that ban third party clients, there will be no banning here.

What do you think Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop? Do you prefer a native application or use the web browser?

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