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WhatsApp for PC is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features of the messaging client. Although the company roped not long ago a version for a web-based client computer, this service is not what many expected and required to have the smartphone near to function properly and depends on the web browser to run, it does not have an application native to Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

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WhatsApp API is not public as, for example, of Telegram, so the community can not develop unofficial clients that allow us to use this application on a computer. The company also tends to block any attempt by pirates use APIs, so in this respect both developers and users have their hands tied.

As we have said using an unofficial API is not a solution, however Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop works differently. This application, in the simplest terms, runs in a window a kind of web browser that automatically loads the URL of the web version to control our messaging client from your computer in a native desktop application, that is, without using browser.

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The main features of Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop are:

  • Fully programmed in NW.js.
  • Platform, compiled for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Displays an icon with the number of notifications.
  • It allows you to run the application with the system.
  • Native notifications.
  • Open links we receive in the system web browser.

The application is open source , so you can download the binary and source code free and safe from GitHub.

 Unofficial using WhatsApp for Desktop

Once downloaded Unofficial version of WhatsApp for Desktop for our operating system we just follow the simple installation wizard application, once completed, will leave us to run application list. The only thing left to do is run it and see the typical QR code you see upon entering the Web version of WhatsApp.

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whatsapp for desktop

Scan this code with your smartphone just like we do in our browser and connect directly to application servers so we can start using WhatsApp on your PC similar to a native desktop application, but depending, as in the browser of our smartphone.

whatsapp for pc downloadUse Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop does not pose any risk to our data or face a possible ban by the company because although the app is unofficial (it is scheduled for independent developers to the company) uses legal methods to work and API is the same as is used when accessing from the browser to the web version.

Definitely the best option to use WhatsApp from a computer would be a complete and independent application that did not depend Mobile to operate, however for different reasons (including the protocol used by the messaging client) this is not possible, so at least for now we must settle for a web-based application WhatsApp Unofficial client for Desktop but that does not force us to have our open browser to function.

What do you think Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop? Do you prefer a native application or use the web browser?

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