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Complete Guide to Download,Installing, Configuring and Using Whatsapp

One of the most important applications today is definitely messaging WhatsApp. Rarely does a smartphone without this application installed. One aspect so this application has won more than 500 million users is that not only allows us to send text messages to our friends, but we can also send photos, videos, contacts, share our location, and send notes, audio; and it is rumored they will not take too long to get calls VoIP , can call our contacts for free through our data or wifi connection, but this is still a rumor. We also have the option to create group conversations in which we can add up to 30 participants.

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This software is free in the App Store, though not totally free, because we have to pay € 0.89 per year to continue using it, although there are different pricing plans. In principle you can only install on iPhone devices through the Jailbreak but we could install it on our iPad. So far it has not released an official app for iPad because as Whatsapp philosophy makes little sense, since the application is associated with a mobile number; Telegram although other applications or if Line allows installation in IPAD and even PC, and in the case of multiple simultaneous Telegram facilities.

Whatsapp became even more famous if possible after purchase by Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook) on February 19, 2014 for a total of 19 billion dollars.

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How to download, install and configure WhatsApp step

Despite its virtues, Whatsapp has been featured also because their system crashes and scandalous security holes that gradually are solved. Still nothing has prevented this application become one of the most important if not the most important, as for IM.

Then we leave a small manual to install Whatsapp and how to use it .

Download and Install the app

The first thing you have to do is access the App Store. Once inside, look for the application. When we have found, we’ll just click on Download and enter the password of our Apple ID. Also you can download directly below:


download whatsapp for iphone free


download and install whatsapp on your android mobile

When we unloaded and we’ll be ready for the next step.

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Getting Started with Whatsapp and configuration

Once downloaded the application access it and we ask your permission to access your contacts. It is important to grant permission because otherwise our contacts will not show us. When you have granted permission, we will display all your contacts. From here just have to click on the name of the contact you want to write and we will automatically open the chat window.whatsapp installation and configuration settings

Within the application in addition to the contacts tab, we tabs:

  • Favorites: Here we can add to contacts that more use to access them faster.
  • Status: We may share with our contacts our present state. Whatsapp included by default some states as “Available”, “Busy”, “At work”, etc, but offers the possibility to create your own.
  • Chats: A list of open discussions, chats here both individual and group chats are displayed.
  • Settings: Here the basic settings of the application are, as information from our profile , where we change our name and profile picture; the account information where we can consult the privacy policy, payment information, ie, how much time do we service the option to change our phone number, delete our account and information on the use of the network. Within the configuration also find the settings chat, where we change the font size of the text and background of the chats, and configure the backup of the talks. We also have the menu of notifications ; Here configure the tone of both individual and group messages, vibration app etc. Finally we find two sections, one called ” Network Status ” , which tells us if we are connected to the network, and another section’s called ” system state “that redirect us to the official Twitter Whatsaap where notified if the application is having some sort of problem.

As we have seen, Whatsapp is a simple application to manage and practically essential today that counts every day more and more users and that gives us the ability to talk to any user from anywhere, with the added attraction of to share multimedia, and participate in group conversations. Above are the links to the download WhatsApp:

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