WhatsApp: Voice calls are available, but not for everyone

There seems to be an enormous number of queries on the Internet about WhatsApp calling in general and how much does it cost for a WhatsApp call. Considering that, this update has been around for quite some time now most people are aware of the financial implications of placing a call on WhatsApp. Here I will give you a detailed explanation of how you can make WhatsApp calls and several tips regarding it. In the end, I will discuss if a hole is being burnt in your pocket by WhatsApp in the guise of calling. This one here is for the uninitiated and if you are an expert or an avid technology guy, then you can just skip to the end if you are really curious. WhatsApp is the biggest text messaging service in the world that uses the Internet as the primary means of communication. The world has moved on from the SMS to WhatsApp because it provides a lot of features which are very beneficial, one of which is calling.

whatsapp voice calls on android

How to place a WhatsApp call?


WhatsApp is an app that was mainly created for text messaging but has now evolved into an all rounder that can serve a variety of purposes. It started with text messaging and then moved on to providing users with the ability to send pictures, videos, and all types of files. Sharing a user’s location and contact information was added later on. The calling feature is the most recent update by which users can directly call one another through this app.

  • So the first thing that you need to do is download and install WhatsApp from the official app store onto your smartphone. You can also get it from the official WhatsApp website depending on the type of device that you want to install it in. Here is the link of the official WhatsApp website.
  • As soon as you install it you have to go through a verification process for your phone number whereby a message will be sent to you and you will have to put in the code in the message to activate your WhatsApp account.
  • Once you are done, you can launch the app and visit your contact list. You will find all your contacts to use WhatsApp on that list and you can text any of them and even call them. In order to call them, you have to select the contact and you will see a chat box open up. Just beside the name of the contact at the top, you will see a calling button. You have to click on that button and a call will be placed to that contact.

Is WhatsApp call free or how much does it cost?

Now getting on to the main part where I will explain how the WhatsApp call is being made and how much money it costs if it does cost any. The first thing that you have to understand is the fact that WhatsApp uses the Internet to communicate. You have to pay money to get the Internet and, therefore, it can be inferred that WhatsApp calls do cost money but not directly. WhatsApp calls typically consume megabytes of data and you have to pay money to get this data, whether it be on your mobile or even if you are using your WiFi.

An argument can be placed here that most people nowadays use the Internet, rather they are forced to use the Internet, and, therefore, even if you are not doing WhatsApp you still have to get the Internet for your mail check, sports news, Facebook or whatever it is that you do. If you take an Internet package that offers a limited amount of data, then WhatsApp calling maybe a bit too much but if you have an unlimited data connection then it will not hurt at all. That is the basic premise of whether WhatsApp calls cost or not.

enable whatsapp voice calls on android

whatsapp voice calls

I have conducted a test where I have killed off all processes on my mobile except for WhatsApp and then switched on my Wifi and after making a 10-minute call to a user who is in India, I found that the data connection had used about 2.5 MB. After making a 10-minute call to the USA, I found that my phone had used up about 3 MB data. So, I am saying this again, if you have an unlimited Internet connection then making a call via WhatsApp is actually beneficial because if your network is strong enough you will get crystal clear voice quality but if you are on a limited network and you want to make a lengthy phone call, then this might not be the best option.


Download APK WhatsApp 2.11.508

So that is the answer to all of your questions about whether WhatsApp calling is free or how much does it cost to make a call on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has come up with this feature because it wants to be in the competition with other search services that are providing calling facilities over the Internet. From Skype to Facebook, all of its competitors about the same and some of them even of a video calling capabilities using the same principle. Go ahead and get yourself an unlimited data connection if you already do not have one and start saving up on your balance.

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