How To Change An Administrator On whatsapp Group

One-on-one communication was the aim for WhatsApp but the world now believes in “the more the better.” Therefore, group conversations in WhatsApp became a revelation that users loved and received incredibly well. Families, friends, offices, and all kind of groups started growing. Not without benefits, though, because group conversations mean that users can interact with all the members of a group in one single chat box instead of sending everybody separate messages. Apart from text messages, audio files, videos, images, and all types of files with different extensions can be shared in the group itself. Now, there are a lot of questions regarding the group feature, how it works, and perhaps the biggest one is how can the administrator of a group be changed. All these questions will be answered shortly but before that, users must have a sound knowledge of how groups are created, how they function, and some associated controls.

Administrator On whatsapp Group

How to create a WhatsApp group and what to do with it?


  • In order to create a WhatsApp group, you first have to launch WhatsApp on your device. It will display the chats that you have. You need to click on the Menu button which is signified by the three dots at the right hand corner of the screen just below the phone’s time and battery indicator.
  • A menu will appear where the first and the topmost option will be New Group. As soon as you click on that option, you will find that your contact list appears from where you have to select the participants you want in the group.
  • As soon as you are done with the selection, you will find that a new group has been created and you will be redirected to the chat box of the group. A notification will also be delivered to every member of the group.

How to change the group admin in Whatsapp?

Now, you will find that most of the time the person who creates the group becomes the group administrator. Adding more group administrators is not really a problem because the original group admin can designate more administrators by clicking on and holding the desired person and in the popup menu that appears, select the ‘ make group admin’ option. If, however, there can only be one group admin and that also needs to be changed, then it is a process that involves several steps because one has to prove that indirectly.

Remove group admin

  • The first thing that the original group admin needs to do is to designate another group participant as an administrator.
  • As soon as it is done, the original group administrator can exit the group.
  • Now the current group admin who was designated so by the earlier admin, can easily take the admin back into the group without having to relinquish the power.


Note: If this is a really important group, then you must first be confident that the next group admin will actually let you inside the group once again because once you relinquish your power and leave the group, you will not have the capability to get inside the group once again on your own. A group admin has to add you.

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There is also another method by which a group administrator can be changed. This process is not very exact but it is generally believed that the second person who is added to the group becomes the group administrator once the original admin leaves. So if you are really confident about the second person you added to the group and you want that person to become the group admin, then you can peacefully leave.

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