How to send anonymous messages by WhatsApp

Send anonymous messages with Whatsapp Online

Have you ever wanted to send an anonymous WhatsApp for any reason? Unlike voice calls, obviating the identification and appear as “hidden number” or “private number” IM does not allow this. Now there are online services that allow us to use instant messaging, WhatsApp here anonymously.

Whether a text message, a voice memo, a photo, a video, a vCard or your  location  you want to send … with this tool you can. It also offers you the ability to send an anonymous unnamed WhatsApp or an emergency message in which you can bring up your name. All these messages, which is as obvious are managed by Wassame servers, providing the service, can be displayed publicly, or not.

send whatsapp messages online

In the screenshot accompanying the article you can see how the tool, accessible directly from the web browser works. In a first horizontal menu choose whether we want to send a text message, a picture, a video, a voice note, location or vCard contect card. Then, if you want a message completely anonymous, or include our name.

Finally, as is evident, it is to include our attachment , or fill the text box with the message we want to send. As a safety system against bots, this Web service includes a captcha, which will require you to fill in correctly to send an appropriate message. Its operation is so simple and by following these simple steps, send anonymous message that we want the number we have chosen.

Previously there were other tools similar to this that, for some reason or other, they have been withdrawn or have stopped working. For now, Wassame is one of the only ways to send WhatsApp messages anonymously.

Send whatsapp anonymous messges

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