Whatsapp Online Use From the Web Browser Chrome,Mozilla With Manymo

We have all learned various ways by which we can install WhatsApp on a variety of platforms. We have discussed in detail how to install and use WhatsApp for different devices including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. We have also discussed the WhatsApp Web application and how a user can use it not only on his/her PC but also on Android and iOS devices. The Android Emulator way has also been written about a lot but that included the installation of extra software. So if you have been bothered about this thing and you want some solution about running Android apps on your system without compromising your storage space, then there is a tool which you can utilize. This tool named Manymo is an Android emulator as well but it has a distinguishing factor that really sets it apart from the rest. It undertakes all the functions that a normal Android Emulator comes with but it does so remotely by using cloud-based servers, which means that user does not have to install the software in order to make Android apps work.

What does Manymo do for your system?

The service was first launched in 2012 and it has been created by Dan Grigsby and Pete Schwamb. This is a relatively new service but the developers have claimed that there have been millions of hits on their website from over 100,000 organizations across the world. This tool is also very useful for testing Android apps because it provides an appropriate Android environment on every device it is launched on without having to worry about the space it is consuming. Manymo is a web browser based tool that acts as an Android emulator for many devices but does the main work on its cloud servers instead of the device, as is done by most devices.

Let us get back to the main topic which is how you can get WhatsApp on your personal computer using Manymo. There are a couple of steps that you have to follow in order to achieve this all of which are mentioned below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is make sure that all the applications on your computer are shut down. Do not worry as this is merely a precautionary measure which may not be taken because this tool is very light in nature and does not, in any way, slow down a system.
  • So the next thing you do is open your browser. Well, we always look after your best interest and therefore it is advisable that you trying out the free version first. Visit their website and you will find a definition of sorts of the tool. It will tell you that you can user service for free and even without an account if you want, you can develop applications, add apps to websites, and also test your Android apps.
  • It is advisable that you sign up for a free account so that the information of your activity might be saved in case you need it later on when you change devices.
  • After the signing up, you will find one of the best things about this service which is that you can decide the screen size of the emulator. So if you are opening this website on your mobile phone you will still have the option to make it work full screen on your mobile without any problems. There are 6 different screen sizes all of which feature different dpi and resolutions. You can choose any one of them.
  • Now we have to download the WhatsApp APK. We will do this from the official website so that we get the most updated and best version of WhatsApp that is available currently.
  • After downloading the APK, we can load the file through the Browse button and click on Continue. As soon as we do that, we can click on Launch and the emulator will start running WhatsApp on its own cloud and display the results on your PC. Just like on the phone, you can verify your phone number and you are ready to go.

How to Use Manymo Emulator:

how to use whatsapp online browser

Once we have registered on the website and we have signed our first sight will be similar to the following screen.[whatsapp online] whatsappp on browser

In this screen which gives us choose the service is the type of device on which we want to emulate Android. In this step we select in the top right of the “Launch With App” option so we will automatically install and run WhatsApp. We similar to the following window.

use whatsapp online chrome browser

Before proceeding, we must download from the official website of WhatsApp client. We will download an APK file you will return to the previous window Manymo. We click on “Browse” and load the file you just downloaded WhatsApp.

best way to use whatsapp online without mobile

Click on “Continue” to continue our Android emulator and then must choose one of the devices shown us (as does several steps) recommend such charge the device with resolution 720 × 1280 (320dpi) and it fits pretty well WhatsApp.

Click on Launch and were charged with the preinstalled emulator application (in our case WhatsApp). After several seconds of load and have our emulator running smoothly in the web browser.

use whatsapp online with out android mobile free

Notice that the graphics are not great and animations are often slow. This is normal and even makes it impossible to run games or high load programs serves well for programs like WhatsApp. The only thing left is to log on to the client and get started.

Note: Remember that you cannot open the same WhatsApp account simultaneously from your PC and your mobile. So when you are chatting through your PC, it is better to stick to that.

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