Web.Whatsapp Access Whatsapp for pc / Computer

Whatsapp web Use Whatsapp from pc / computer

WhatsApp Web, as its name suggests, it is a program for us to access the same whatsapp application directly from your browser.

WhatsApp is the biggest online messaging service with billions of users worldwide. In a survey, it has been found that in a developing country which has limited Internet access, 1 among 5 persons has WhatsApp. Going by this statistic, you can guess its usage and popularity in developed countries with free-flowing Internet. WhatsApp, in general, requires a smartphone or a tablet to function but recent updates and development have led to WhatsApp getting a web version so that users can also access the WhatsApp account from their computers and laptops in case the phone is not functional. Following the release of this development, WhatsApp has become even more popular. So if you were not in the know about this thing, then it must have created some ripples in your mind as to how to use it and where to get it. I am here to help so read on.

How to use the WhatsApp web service? Activating Whatsapp Web


how to access whatsapp online browser

  • To give you more details, the WhatsApp web service is compatible with the Google Chrome browser. It is like any other normal website which you have to visit and following some verification processes, you will get your WhatsApp account on your computer itself from where you can communicate. It is like an enlarged version of WhatsApp because it appears on a computer screen instead of a handheld device.
  • The interface comes with the main chat screen on the right which displays the main conversation that a user is having while on the left, there is the contact list from where the user can select a contact to communicate with. This service of WhatsApp also comes with the unique and fun ability of the user to drag photos in order to send them.

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  • Notifications for the WhatsApp web can also be activated by accessing the menu on the website. You can, therefore, be alert all the time and get messages that are delivered to you instantly. Even if the browser that WhatsApp web is open on, is minimized, notifications will come.

Use Whatsapp Directly From your Computer PC


whatsapp web application

  • There is no need to worry about legality as this update has been created by the original WhatsApp developers in order to make it more versatile. The interface is also similar to the WhatsApp that appears on the phone. The color scheme is very nice to look at because of the easy combination of green and cream.
  • The only perceivable problem that might arise is the fact that there are no smileys and emojis on the keyboard and if you are a person who uses them quite often, then you have to manually input them from the keyboard on the website. You also cannot start or leave a group chat and the profile picture as well as the profile status cannot be changed.

whatsapp from pc

  • So the first thing that you need to do is to visit the WhatsApp website, the link of which is given here so that you can get to it directly.
  • You also have to launch the WhatsApp on your phone and there you will have to click on the three dots at the right-hand corner in order to open the menu. You have to select WhatsApp web from the popup menu that appears.
  • As soon as you click on that, you will find a QR code on your computer screen that you have to scan using your phone to verify your identity.
  • Once the scanning finishes and your identity is authenticated, you will be welcomed by the WhatsApp web on the computer screen to go ahead and communicate with your contacts.

So there you go with how to get WhatsApp web and use it so that you do not need your phone all the time to communicate while working on the computer. You can easily switch between tabs and communicate and send files just like you do it on your mobile device.

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