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Whatsapp Download Free

Whatsapp Downloads Free : One Most Used application on the earth is  whatsapp messenger Download is an exchange application messages available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Symbian and Windows Phone. The Web WhatsApp, PC version (or tablet without 3G) completes the list of platforms where it works. The application allows text message exchange, photo sending and pictures in general, audio and video, free connection and many other functions. Plus, it can take pictures and record videos directly from the app or create groups of up to 100 people. To operate, simply download the application connected to the Internet.

Whatsapp Messenger

With the simple, uncluttered interface the user has no problems using the app for the first time. Design with Visual material, familiar interface of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), the main interface has become dark green and icons have also been restyled. Now also has three tabs (links, conversations and contacts) also helps you easily find your -such contacts are automatically synchronized with the agenda of smartphone- phones. The pop-up notification also has a new look. The app also lets you share the location, contacts and even send the historical conversations by email. It also allows you to create groups.

In addition to saving the user and SMS calls rates, the speed of message exchange is fast. The phone call has a small delay, but nothing that hinders conversation. And even if the user is downloaded to the device or disconnected from the Internet, WhatsApp will save sent messages and send notifications once you are connected. The connections and the exchange of messages are made over the Internet, so there is no collection of fees even when the contact is in another country.

Download WhatsApp Messenger now also has a web version where the user can send and receive messages and media via your computer browser. Another strong point of the application is security, because the conversation is encrypted. The cost-effective to install Whatsapp is huge, so take the time to download WhatsApp Messenger and save credits on SMS! The application only charges an annual maintenance fee of $ 0.99 (about 3 reais).

WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook dominate Internet use on mobile, says research

Almost half of the indian with ten years or more accessed the mobile Internet last year. This is shown by research done by Cetic.br, which found that 81.5 million people used mobile Internet in 2014 – or, in percentage terms, 47%. The most used applications are the WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and send photos and videos. The YouTube and Netflix also among the favorites of indian.

The study also found that cell phones are the favorites of internet users: 76% sailed via smartphone – the device was more quoted than desktops, notebooks and tablets. The percentage of 47% is more than three times that recorded in 2011, when the proportion was 15%. The growth in the field of portable devices is visible. While the number of homes with desktop held 50%, households with notebook have already reached 60%, while the tablets are present in 33% of households.

The report found first the availability of wireless networks, noting that 66% of households have Wi-Fi. Outside of that, 84% of people who use the Internet said cell enter the web every day or almost every day. “This contributes to that the devices are increasingly used individually,”

When it comes to internet access in all media, the percentage of Brazilians over 10 years connected reaches 55%, representing 94.2 million people. Messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are used by 83% of the total, while the share in social networks was cited by 76% of users.

Already streaming video services like YouTube and Netflix, are accessed by 58% of Internet users. Although research has found increased connectivity in all walks of life, inequality in access to the Internet remained. In class A, 98% of households are connected to the network, a figure that drops to 82% for class B, class C in 48% and 14% in classes D and E. In addition, urban areas have an average of 54% of homes with Internet, while rural areas are 22%.

Blows in the WhatsApp Messenger: seven tips to avoid falling into ‘traps’

The WhatsApp Download has been used by criminals to scamming. The latest are coupons false discounts, but promises of a “blue” or “transparent” version of the application are also ways to steal financial and personal data of users. These messages spread rapidly and infect the groups without much effort while many smartphones. To use WhatsApp messenger and stay safe, check out these seven simple tips and do not be fooled.

1) Do not open unknown links on mobile, tablet or web

WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular messenger. It is available for phones and tablets with system Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, in addition to the Web version for PC. For all of them users can view incoming and outgoing messages, even by strangers. So it is important to be aware. Many viruses are spread by the application and your friends may be sharing links, especially reduced, unaware that they are malicious. So before accessing ask for contact or Download WhatsApp the group what it is the link and check out the source.

2) Avoid download video, image and audio with dubious content

Many malware can be downloaded on the phone or computer through a video, photo or even audio file sent to maliciously in WhatsApp. They hide an executable virus or software and often use controversial issues to get attention or which are highlighted in the media in recent days, to spread quickly. Are recurring themes: adult videos on politics, violence or even with some “exclusive”. This can be a blow: After the malicious program is installed on the device, the cyber criminal can have access to what is typed or accessed by you.

3) Do not install external apk: prefer the official WhatsApp

Seeking to have always updated app, users download the application apk, and not on the official website of WhatsApp or in the app stores. And that’s a big risk, as they may end up downloading a fake apk. Check whether the update is on the official site WhatsApp, in case of upgrade, and choose always download the Store application from your system: Google Play Store (Android) App Store (iPhone) and WP Store (Windows Phone).

4) Do not download false versions: WhatsApp Plus or “blue”

Many sites promise a different version of WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus or “blue”. But these apps can be harmful to the functioning of your device and even install viruses to steal your data.With this, cybercriminals make unauthorized purchases with credit cards and use personal information illegally. So just download the official option WhatsApp, noting that using the app “Plus” in your Messenger account may be suspended.

5) Do not send personal or bank details in messages

A basic tip is to not send personal or bank details to contact the messenger. And that warning is true for the web version and for the application. This way, you do not run the risk of information being intercepted by others who wanted to hack your account.Also, some links sent in messages on WhatsApp ask for a registration for the purchase of any product: When in doubt, if you are unsure of the purpose, do not. Prefer secure payment systems such as PagSeguro, PayPal or buy directly in the store website.

6) Change the privacy settings

WhatsApp offers several privacidad settings and to keep users safer. It can limit who sees your profile picture, status and final view. The app is available a button to block a message and accused of spam, then the message screen if an unknown contact send something suspicious.

Thus, they avoid receiving spam links that could contain embedded viruses or end up falling in a coup by filling false entries. A nice feature is being able to remove the warning “last seen” WhatsApp: no one will know when you are online the messenger. Functions can be found in the “Settings” menu of the app, under “Account” and then in the category “Privacy”.

7) always distrust promotions coupons

Some famous store sent a discount coupon for WhatsApp Messenger? Be wary, especially for high values and if you have not signed up for any promotion. Most companies make contact by email, phone or on the website itself. If you prefer to confirm, before you click or open any link that may be detrimental, please contact the call center to the consumer the store to take the doubt.

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