Whatsapp Number Changes Creates A Lot Of Problems!

If you get a new mobile number and then activates WhatsApp, it can happen in exceptional cases that you WhatsApp messages from strangers get to see. It happened WhatsApp user Thomas Grothe from Berlin. After he started his new number in WhatsApp messages he got inside, who were referred for a certain Karin Gehrmann.Karen had the same mobile number terminated a few weeks earlier, the WhatsApp app had cleared and put her back to factory settings. But that was not enough. You do not do pay .

whatsappp number changes creats a lots of problems

According to a security expert, it is becoming more common that are delivered to the wrong number substitution WhatsApp messages. Actually, that is not technically possible, because WhatsApp has specific measures against this type of situation. That is not convenient. Once WhatsApp 45 days is not used and then re-installed on another device, all data will be erased, which is linked to the appropriate telephone number, such as profile pictures and chats. That is also a support page of WhatsApp. Well good from privacy reasons of course.

To help avoid confusion with recycled phone numbers, we monitor inactive accounts. If an account is not used for 45 days and then becomes active again, we see this as a sign that a number is recycled. We will than the old account information associated with the phone, such as profile pictures and status, remove. In fact, this measure would have to protect. But in the case of Thomas and Karin has not happened: Karin’s number was lifted on August 9, 2014 and Thomas got the same number assigned only on November 16, 2014. There was thus had a period of 99 days between the data and Karin have been long gone. How do you safely change your phone number: If you take a few precautions to prevent the above scenario is good (source: iculture.nl). Recently we have written about WhatsApp Spam and making a backup WhatsApp . This information is useful to read before you change number.

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