Whatsapp+(PLus) Users Can Block Normal Whatsapp Users

WhatsApp+ users now Can block WhatsApp Users. the popular app that gives users more options than the normal app. But why?

What is WhatsApp + and what can you do?

We all know WhatsApp and you may or may not have heard of the WhatsApp Plus. The WhatsApp Plus is an app that has been created pursuant of WhatsApp by a developer called Rafalete. Both the apps essentially look the same but it can be said that the WhatsApp Plus is much more appealing and also provides a lot of features that the original WhatsApp does not. So what does this app offer that has made it very popular all around the world and has also forced WhatsApp to issue a DMCA and stop further development of this app.

whatsapp+ plu users can block normal whatsapp users

Whatsapp Plus Users Blocks Whatspp Users


WhatsApp Plus features that differentiate it from WhatsApp:

  • The first thing that you will obviously notice is that the screen where the verification will take place is blue in color and it is very attractive to look at. The interface, once you enter, is also refreshingly different because it is kind of translucent. This app offers the uses the opportunity to expand WhatsApp to full screen, something which the original one does not.
  • Apart from that, it will all look the same with the contacts and the chat list and the call list. However, at the top you will find a circular icon which harbors all the extra features that this version has to offer to the world.
  • The biggest thing that WhatsApp plus offers to its uses is to change the theme of WhatsApp. We are all very familiar with the green colour of WhatsApp but this app provides all kinds of things you can not only change the colour of the entire interface but also the background in the chat. The things come with automatic background wallpapers like if you choose a Hulk theme then the entire WhatsApp will become a “Hulk”ish green and the background wallpaper will feature Hulk. Cool, right?
  • You can also choose the colour of the WhatsApp icon that appears on your mobile screen. Instead of the green icon you can go for the blue one the pink one the black one or whatever colour you fancy.
  • Another great thing that this app provides and also something that people have been asking for a long time is that this app provides its users with the ability to hide their online status. When you are using WhatsApp Plus and if you have chosen to hide your status then people messaging you will only get a single tick so they will not understand if the message has reached yet or whether you have seen it.
  • Lastly, we often find that pictures that have been sent via WhatsApp lack in quality because they are automatically compressed. In WhatsApp Plus users have control to decide whether the data sent or received will be compressed or not so if you choose not to compress then you will get the high quality files. There are no restrictions as such on the file size also.

Why Does WhatsApp +block WhatsApp ?

Not only WhatsApp + is blocked, all other popular third-party apps to WhatsApp’en it are no longer accepted by the online messaging service. Users who still want to use WhatsApp +, get a spell of 24 hours. They can not use WhatsApp + a day and get to see a prompt to install the normal version of WhatsApp. When they install it, they can send messages.

now whatsapp+ user block whatsapp

Official Whasapp Page About Whatsapp+ Users Block

WhatsApp indicate in its FAQ that WhatsApp + “no application was developed by WhatsApp or supported”. As WhatsApp reports that it can not verify the app is safe and that your personal information is not passed on to third parties. For that reason would block WhatsApp WhatsApp + and similar apps.

How to get WhatsApp Plus installed?

This app was available on the Google Play Store when it was first released but as soon as WhatsApp found out about it, it was taken down from the Google Play Store. So if you want to get it now, you will have to download it directly from the Internet.

Note: You have to keep in mind that using this app might result in a ban from WhatsApp on your phone number and it could also lead to some malicious program hacking your phone, so be very careful when you are installing it and if anything goes wrong, it is all on you.

Source: Android Police

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