WhatsApp Sniffer apk App:Read Others Whatsapp Messages (Conversation)

 WhatsApp Sniffer apk android App

In this tutorial we will teach you how to use WhatsApp Sniffer to easily get Reaf others WhatsApp conversations of people who are connected to the same wireless network, also we will teach you avoid being spied on , which is even more important to you for not being hacked your whatsapp account.

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So there was in the history of WhatsApp already several successful hack attacks against the software and the company itself WhatsApp sniffer are also as a hot topic , if you can access the private secrets of a person – . Received their images and the most intimate conversations with record friends .

Spy other people’s conversations is illegal, unethical well, so use this information at your own responsibility, after all, human knowledge belongs to the world.

WhatsApp sniffer is no longer available in the Play Store for obvious reasons, but it is easily achieved by searching the net or clicking on our link. It has a free version , supported by advertising and a paid version that removes the advertisement.

Download whatsapp spy app here

The first thing to do is to unburden the apk installer Internet and install it on your Android device, either a tablet or a smartphone. Then we run it by clicking the icon that we have created in the application menu.

The first screen you will see the main program screen with a warning that tells us that if we are connected to our network with WPA encryption must activate ARP Spoof option.

WhatsApp Sniffer requires superuser (root) and busybox to run.

how to read others whatsapp messagesTo start spying talks should press on “start” at the bottom of the screen, and we ask root permissions. Is the grant and the program starts looking WhatsApp conversations in our network. When we get some conversation they will be listed in the main program screen, along with a notice on the notification bar.

We must remember to activate the ARP Spoof option if we are in our network and use WPA / WPA2.

How can we avoid being spied on by WhatsApp sniffer apk?

WhatsApp is a very insecure application in all aspects. Conversations can be read by anyone with some knowledge as they travel over the network unencrypted.

To prevent spying by us as WhatsApp Sniffer Sniffer, we use WhatsApp by our data connection, since it is more difficult (although not impossible) to spy on us through GSM / 3G, or use a VPN tunnel to our server. Article WhatsAppSniffer: Works on all Wi-Fi networks? talked about this.

There are also other programs like WhatsApp Xtract allowing /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt decrypt files, /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases/msgstore.db and wa.db and net.whatsapp.WhatsApp / Documents / ChatStorage.sqlite

A network analyzer like Wireshark for PC can also capture WhatsApp traffic without much difficulty, although we filter the results, this application WhatsApp Sniffer Wireshark does the same thing but filtering what we want (the talks).

As we can see, there are various ways to spy WhatsApp conversations, so, the best way to avoid an upset take is not to mention things committed by the network or send important personal data.

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WhatsApp Sniffer apk App:Read Others Whatsapp Messages (Conversation)
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