WhatsApp Web also soon be available for the iPhone

WhatsApp is the most popular Internet messaging software that has transcended the term “messaging software” because it can not only send and receive texts but also pictures, videos, and all kinds of files. At first, this app was limited only to mobile devices but now it has spread across all platforms. Not only does it operate on Android, Windows phone, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, and some Symbian operating systems but also on iOS. Computer users were missing out and for that also, WhatsApp developers created the WhatsApp Web so that computer users were not left out from the fun. However, a small niggle that developed was that iOS users could not access the WhatsApp web on their iPhones.

use whatsapp web from iphone users

whasapp web for iphone user

This was a big problem that sparked a lot of controversy and complaints from iOS users and WhatsApp quickly tried to resolve the problem by creating a version that is compatible with iPhones. However, you do not need to wait around for when the WhatsApp developers might find time to update the app properly. Here I will give you a way to get around that problem. A point to note here is the fact that the WhatsApp web is available for iPhone devices that have an operating system of 8.1 or higher. So if you have the iPhone which has this operating system then you are covered. You can just install the latest version of the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browser and use the service.

How to get WhatsApp web on your iPhone?

For people who are still stuck with an operating version which is lower than 8.1, the only thing that you need to do is to jailbreak your iPhone which is an easy job because of the thousands of tutorials on how to do it. Once you have jailbroken your phone you can proceed to Cydia and get the WhatsApp web enabler, which is a tweak that you can use as it is free of charge. After installing the tweak, you can launch WhatsApp and in the Settings, you will find the WhatsApp web menu. Clicking on it will bring about the QR code which you have to scan and then the WhatsApp web on your iPhone will be activated for you to use.

Yes, it is surprisingly that simple to get the WhatsApp web on your iPhone unlike some methods on the Internet that involve really complicated processes. It was a really big problem previously with iOS users unhappy without the Whatsapp web on their phones but it has now been resolved. So go ahead and enjoy the web experience.

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