Whatsapp Web: Use Whatsapp from Desktop Browser

How to use WhatsApp for Web – PC,Chrome Browser Online

WhatsApp Web is the new mode of interaction of WhatsApp using the browser Google Chrome: a QR Code screen allows you to login.

WhatsApp has announced a new feature that allows you to access the messaging service via an online service accessible with Google Chrome. WhatsApp Web , the name of the project (speculated for some time as a result of some clues found at the end of 2014 within the code ), thus allowing you to use the service on the screen of a PC, with the ability to type possibly a keyboard more comfortable and faster than traditional smartphone. The service is accessible via the address web.whatsapp.com.

WhatsApp for Web (PC Desktop & Mac) – How to use it?

Whatsapp web, Via chrome Browser

To use WhatsApp on PC does not therefore need to find more special tricks: simply follow the instructions, certify their identity and start writing.

But it does not change the nature of WhatsApp: smartphone always remains the center of gravity of the communications transmitted. What can be deduced from the first mode of login, which provides for the scan of a QR Code screen using the app WhatsApp in use on their mobile device. This device will also default on the repository to store the messages, while the display of the PC acts as a simple facilitating element can improve the experience of chatting in particular conditions.

how to use whatsapp from browser

Use Whatsapp Via Chrome Browser

The use of QR Code allows you to double-check. The code on the screen, in fact, by changing refresh programmed and scanned by smartphone allows you to confirm how useful for access to the account. This simple action, in short, is able to certify that smartphone and PC (and therefore user Web extension of WhatsApp) are in the same place at the same time. The smartphone also has to be connected for the duration of the communication, or risk losing the temporary license of use of the chat screen.

WhatsApp Web: How to log in

the service says WhatsApp, is limited to the browser Google Chrome. The reading of the QR code is rather limited at the moment to Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and BB10 . iOS is excluded, “for now” because of some limitations that do not allow the publication of an app with the necessary features.

Who smartphones based on one of the enabled operating systems, to access Web WhatsApp is necessarily update the app to find the appropriate function on the menu . Although there are no specific communications about, probably the rollout of the update is about to start and within a few hours everyone will have in possession the new version of WhatsApp and gain access to the interface of online WhatsApp Web.

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